We Get Up Close and Personal with Spin Maddox!

Michaela Marcelo

December 4, 2017


It’s been a while, but we’re back at it, Popstars! We’re here to introduce you to Spin Maddox!

The Rising Stars Top 40 finalist literally makes fire and you should get in on it. So here’s a few thing to know about the distinct-sounding pop singer you should be listening to!


When did you start making music?

I wrote my first song when we lost electricity for a few days at my house and we were snowed in.  Our electronics had all died and we were complaining that there was nothing to do, and our parents were like, “read a book!” but I wasn’t a “reader” so I sat down at our piano and played a few simple chords and wrote my first song.  I think it was called “Stay With Me” – and no, it didn’t go on to be the Sam Smith one that sold millions of copies.


What are your musical inspirations/ influences?

Muse, No Doubt, Queen, Justin Timberlake.


What would be your dream collab?

Ariana Grande


Where did you grow up?  How did it influence your writing process?

I grew up in a very small, simple town in Pennsylvania.  I’m not sure how much of an influence it had on my writing process, but I think there are definitely elements of things I learned there in my music, and I think, at least for a while, it molded what I cared about In my life and thought was important.



Dream venue?

Venues don’t hold specific weight to me, but I think awards shows always have.  If I could pick anywhere to perform that would kind of be a childhood dream come true, it would be the VMAs. In my head, I’d do something shocking but timeless.  That’s what that program used to contribute to pop culture.  


Overall career goals?

I want to provide an escape for people who need one.  I don’t aim to be political, or anything.  I’m not saying we should ignore the world’s problems!- but growing up, music really helped me through a lot of difficult times by allowing me to just put my headphones on and visualize, live through the artist, become motivated, cheer up, dream… if I can put some of that back into the world for a few people to find and utilize, that would be #goals.


How would you define your sound?

I think my sound- for what I’m about to release- can be defined as “dirty synth pop” / it’s a lot of sensual, soft verses and big explosive choruses… I belt when I can because I love belting… and the lyrics are kinda raunchy, so I’m actually looking forward to people hearing them.

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