“Star Trek 4” Is Happening: Zachary Quinto Dishes The Deets!

Catherine Michelle

May 24, 2018


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Zachary Quinto sat down with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night (May 22) to talk about his Broadway show, “The Boys In The Band.” He also ended up dropping some BIG news that’s sure to have Trekkies cheering in Klingon!


There’s been talks of a new “Star Trek” movie coming up. And rumors that Quentin Tarantino will be directing it. Here’s what the latest Spock had to say about that:

“I know more now than I knew a few weeks ago, which is there will be a fourth [Star Trek] movie, if we stay on the track we are on. I think there is going a movie before Quentin’s movie. So, there may be a movie after the next movie. So, we have a lot to look forward to.”


As for who will be at the helm of this upcoming project, Zachary is excited to reunite with an old colleague, whom he has worked with in the hit TV show “Heroes.”


“They just announced a woman will be directing the next one, which is really exciting. It is the first time in the feature universe. And it is actually a woman I know and have worked with before, named S.J. Clarkson and she is incredible and I am very excited.”

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We don’t know yet when the much-awaited “Star Trek 4” will hit theaters, but things seem to be looking good on the production front.


The 40-year-old actor also shared even more good news! Look like he is inheriting more than just the role of Spock from his predecessor, the late Leonard Nimoy. Zachary is slated to host the reboot of the show “In Search Of.”


He shared that show will “maintain the integrity of the original series” and will be covering things that are “unexplained, unknown, mysteries of the universe.” He did clue us in on one major change that’s happening – he will be on the ground. “I actually got to travel all around the world,” he revealed. “I went to these places and conducted interviews myself.”


Watch out for the series on the History Channel this July.