Did Taylor Swift Ruin ‘September’ In April?

Andie Manahan

April 16, 2018

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Earth, Wind & Fire’s iconic R&B-funk hit “September” came out in 1978. Four decades and a major re-arrangement later, Taylor Swift once again put the beloved song in the spotlight…and got the Internet all fired up.


Last Friday (April 13) Taylor dropped her version of “September” on the Spotify Singles series – which sounds completely different from the lively, brassy, funk anthem that the timeless classic was known for. Her quiet, folksy rendition slowed the tempo down to an acoustic ballad with banjo instrumentals and crooning, breathy vocals.

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People are speaking out from both ends of the spectrum.


@chicoBean – Taylor Swift’s version of September is missing The Earth, The Wind & The Fire.…


@senari – ♪ ♪ do you remember… friday the thirteenth of april…when swift sang a funk and soul staple and chased your good vibes awayyyyyy ♪ ♪


@beatchild Everyone needs to cool off about this @taylorswift13 version of #September. When a song is written it doesn’t have to solely live in one style/genre… Get over it. She killed it for the style she did it in.


@ElDeBarge September reminds me of some very special times growing up. Thank you


@taylorswift13 for bringing those memories back.


And people who are actually involved with the music shared their take on it.


The song’s co-writer, Allee Willis, seems stoked about 28-year-old songstress’ cover. “Taylor Swift is the absolute cherry on top of a very soulful and happy sundae,” she said in her statement to Billboard.


And, according to TMZ, EWF lead singer Philip Bailey said that he likes the singer-songwriter’s take on it, adding, “music is free like that.” He even told Taylor: “Ain’t Got Nothing But Love for Ya #freedominmusic.”


Love it or hate it, looks like the jury’s still out for “September”. And c’mon guys, it’s only April.