Tessa Violet Shares How Some Bad Ideas Can Actually Work Out

Andie Manahan

September 12, 2018

Tessa Violet 2


YouTube sensation Tessa Violet is sharing her unique view of the world – and her latest album, Bad Ideas, shares her journey through something many can relate to.


“I’ve just been through a break up,” she shares. “The record goes through a journey of this high of ‘Crush’ where it’s like, ‘I don’t want anything else. I’m fine. Let’s just have fun.’ And then bad ideas – I know where they lead.”


In this case, some of those bad ideas led to the creation of her album. “The record’s pretty great,” she says with a laugh, “and that sort of stemmed from some not great choices.”


Ever had that time when you were crushing on someone so hard and you can’t think about anything else? She wrote (and sang) about that, too – in her new single “Crush,” which has since gone viral.


“I had a crush on somebody,” she recalled to POPSTAR! about writing the song. “I’ve been sitting at my piano for probably an hour scrolling through his Instagram and I was like ‘I am a crazy person. Enough is enough. I can’t focus on what needs to get done!’ – which is writing a song.”


Tessa Violet 4


So, rather than be distracted the whole time, she channeled her focus to become more productive. “I was like, ‘Oh, okay. I’ll just write about this. Why not?’”


Even during recording, they strove to make the feeling as authentic possible. “At the end of the chorus,” she said, “I was like…‘I want a ding, pring, something.’”


And that “something” ended up being an outtake of her laughing at herself saying sorry from another track they recorded. “It sounds so genuine. It’s so great that there’s this genuine moment from me like laughing at myself and apologizing in this different song, which is kind of exactly how I feel about the crush – a little bit embarrassed, a little bit sorry.”


Fun, quirky indie-pop artist Tessa Violet is one of Thematic’s flagship artists with a larger-than-life vision of her art. Check out her feature in the September Issue of POPSTAR! Digital Magazine here.