The Celebrity Experience With Victoria Justice and George Caceres

Michaela Marcelo

August 9, 2017


The Celebrity Experience is an interactive talent program for emerging young actors. It offers an exclusive perspective into the entertainment industry by bringing young performers to our locations in London UK, `Dubai UAE, Sydney Australia and  Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. TCE offers a 5-day talent program, where hopeful stars have the opportunity to film a scene on set with a Hollywood director, take a back-lot tour of a movie studio, participate in workshops with celebrities, producers, and directors, and even walk the red carpet! Talented and emerging young actors are given opportunities to be successful in Hollywood.

Every year, The Celebrity Experience gathers the best in Hollywood to share their experiences and advice to the program attendees. This year, it’s Victoria Justice and George Caceres.
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POPSTAR! was there to give you guys an in on the experience! Victoria shares how she started in show business and what it takes to really succeed. At the same time, George Caceres shares the secrets to succeeding in the industry, and you guys are gonna want to hear it!

Here are bits of wisdom that Victoria Justice and George Caceres that we gathered: