This Is How Much Ajiona Alexus Relates To Her “13 Reasons Why” Character

Andie Manahan

July 10, 2018


Ajiona Alexus brought Sheri Holland’s character to life on the uber popular show 13 Reasons Why. And after two seasons, it’s pretty much impossible to imagine anyone else portraying the role.


But did you know she did NOT read the book before auditioning for the role?


“I did not read the book, I didn’t know anything about it,” she admitted to POPSTAR! “But I read it, and I was like, ‘Okay. This is cool.’ I liked the content. I feel like it really touched on some important sensitive topics, in a good way.”


After reading the book and getting a better feel for her character, Ajiona also found out she relates with Sheri on a number of levels.


“Sheri, she’s like me, like how I am in the cast,” she shared. “I feel like I’m just that girl.”


“I’m not really in a clique or gang, I’m just kinda like socializing with everybody. And she wants to help,” she went on to explain.



The 22-year-old actress also opened up about how she was able to relate to Sheri’s mistake in season one. “Of course, just like a human, I’m human, we all make mistakes. She made a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes. So I relate to her on that level.”


And as for interacting with the people around her, “She’s just – she’s always thinking about other people,” Ajiona observed about Sheri. “So I…I related to her in that way for sure.”


We’re totally sold on Ajiona as cheerleader Sheri, and there’s a reason why she pulls it off so well – Ajiona has been acting since she was six. She also has the pipes of a singer and the moves of a dancer because she started out in musical theater! She even has a new single out called “Baggage,” and an album in the works!


Get up close and personal with Ajiona Alexus and see what other exciting projects she’s been working on and what else she has in store for us! Check out her feature in POPSTAR!’s JULY DIGITAL issue here