25 Apr

UP CLOSE with Robert Pattinson!

Hey guys! Did you see any movies over the weekend? Last Sunday, we got to see a sneak peek of Water For Elephants, starring Twilght Saga hottie Robert Pattinson!


We were thisclose to him at the NYC red carpet premiere!


Check it out:



It took a lot of energy not to reach out and touch him lol!


Watch Rob and co-star Reese Witherspoon pose for pictures!



Rob got there early and spent about 45 minutes taking pictures with fans and signing autographs for girls would had camped out all night on the streets of NYC!


It’s hard to see in this video, but he is meeting fans (at 0:19 he is on the very right side of the screening leaning into a fan). Then you see his family on the red carpet and also actress Julia Stiles:



The carpet was madness but it was a lot of fun!


Check out our pix on our Facebook!


Are you planning to see Water for Elephants?


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