W.I.T.S Academy’s Meg Crosbie Spills On Set Secrets, Fashion & More!


November 4, 2015

PHOTO: Glenn Roberson
We caught up with one of our fave WITs stars, Meg Crosbie! The Nickelodeon star dished on set secrets, upcoming episodes, and her passion for fashion! Check out our exclusive Q&A below and don’t forget to tune into W.I.T.S Academy on Nickelodeon! 🙂

1. Tell us about your character, Emily! Do you relate to her in any way?
Emily comes from an elite family in the Realm and there is A LOT of pressure from her family to be a strong witch. Her twin brother is her best and really only friend. She is really smart and clever and very determined. She doesn’t like to break the rules and doesn’t like it when others break rules but that gets challenging this season with her guardian. She is also great at keeping secrets and she has a BIG one of her own.
Emily and I have several things in common. School and making good grades are important to me and I am very determined too. I’m also really close to my siblings like Emily, but no twin, I have an older brother, Will (15) and an older sister, Addison (16).

2. What can viewers expect from the rest of this season?
Where to begin, the rest of the season is crazy! The writers are amazing! There are so many twists and turns. When we had the final table read for the season finale we were all in shock! Emily really comes into her own and has to make some major decisions. It is so exciting! I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

3. Are there any cool/funny moments you can share with us from set?
Probably the most funny were Kennedy (Ruby) and I doing Miranda Sings impressions in between takes. We would break out into song and dance and everyone would crack up. Teaching Timothy (Ethan) and Tyler (Cameron) the Cup Song was also pretty funny. During lunch breaks we also had a blast making Dubsmashes.

4. How do you and your cast mates like to bond when the cameras aren’t rolling?
We are so lucky to have had such a fun cast! We all stayed in the same place during filming so we spent a lot of time together. The best times were probably at Jazzy’s
(Kim) watching movies and playing Minecraft. We also spent a lot of time at the pool, bowling, and just enjoying Miami. We celebrated several birthdays together too. They even all went with me to see ‘Paper Towns’ and when my scenes came on they all cheered and yelled “Meg!” I feel so lucky to have found all these really awesome friends!

5. If YOU could have any power, what would you choose?
That’s easy, Tele-Transportaion! How cool would it be to just spell yourself to any place in the world. I love to travel so it would be perfect.

6. If you could choose anyone to guest-star on the show, who would it be? What kind of role would they have?
I think Thomas Kuc form Game Shakers is so funny and goofy. He would be fun to have on the show. He could play a new WIT whose always messing up his spells and causing all kinds of funny trouble.

7. In the show, you have a twin brother played by Timothy Colombos. What’s it like working together? Have you two gotten close enough to feel like actual siblings?
Timothy is awesome! He is really funny and a great guy to work with. We did become close while shooting, we were together pretty much every day for three months. We actually had some great brother sister moments on and off set. Our families have become great friends and we are planning to get together during the hiatus.

8.What’s your favorite song on the radio at the moment?
I love On My Mind by Ellie Goulding, Here by Alessia Cara and Flashlight by Jessie J. It’s hard to choose just one!

9. We know you love fashion! How would you describe your personal style?
I love fashion! I love mixing patterns. Right now, I love ripped jeans and t-shirts with sayings. My favorite t-shirt says “I AM VERY BUSY.” I also love any kind of fun jacket and wedges. I like clothes that mix different fabrics and have embellishments. I wore this amazing Dolce & Gabbana dress to the Paper Towns premiere that had three dimensional roses, it was so beautiful!

10. Can you tell us about the YouTube channel collab you have with your friend?
So, it’s called the Meg & Charli Show. My friend Charli Head and I are both actors so what better way to hang out with one of your best friends than to make fun You Tube videos. We give advice from a girls perspective. We did one video on How To Ask Out A Middle School Girl and it actually seemed to help a few guys. We are thinking of doing more like that. Charli and I have a slight addiction to Miranda Sings so our Miranda impressions sometimes creep into the videos. We have also done a few challenges that were pretty funny too.

11. Any special message for your fans?
Thank you so much for watching WITs Academy! I can’t wait for you to see all the new episodes. You will never guess what is going to happen, it is CRAZY! I am so grateful to all the new fans of WITs and the old fans of EWW that have tuned in, I appreciate you so much!

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