1 May

WATCH: James Charles Does Maddie Ziegler’s Makeup!

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What happens when two of our faves come together? Makeup magic. James Charles hung out with his BFF Maddie and gave her a total makeover! “I was so excited to film with James not only because he’s just incredible but because every time I do a red carpet its very natural – that’s my favorite look to do- but since I’m here it’s only appropriate to do a full coverage glam,” Maddie says in the video. Watch it below:


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  • kendra joy mitchell bethune age 39 said on May 1, 2017 at 11:29 pm

    popstar and 17 found out i have no love at all for my grandfather unlike my mother his daughter in law for albert junior bethune justin and kendra today almost 2019 at all when i don’t read about celebrties much i read about rob lowe 4 times from the lakeview libiary who’s been through this before and my friend steve from cvs who made my sheer pink lipgloss i just recyled 5 mintues ago


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