What’s Up With Ariana Grande’s Cryptic Instagram Story?

Andie Manahan

March 22, 2019

Ariana Grande has been taking care of business.


Earlier this week, Ari kicked off her highly-anticipated Sweetener Tour. But, in the months leading up to her tour, aside from rehearsals, she had some pretty urgent business to take care of – apparently, she was clearing the air with her exes.


The 25-year-old pop star has been seen hanging out with her exes – Ricky Alvares in January, and Big Sean in Feburary, both of whom she name-checked in her break-up anthem “Thank U, Next,” along with the late Mac Miller and her ex-fiancee Pete Davidson. 


The “7 Rings” singer was also seen having dinner with actor Graham Philips, whom she dated back in 2011, at the Italian restaurant Carbone in New York City earlier this month.


These recent reunions have had fans speculating on whether there’s hope for a rekindled romance. But a source might be able to shed some light on why Ari has been seeing her exes.


“After ‘Thank U, Next’ came out, Ariana was really living her single life and being with her friends, learning about herself,” a source told Us Weekly. “But after a couple weeks, she was trying to figure out what went wrong with her past relationships.”


“She didn’t want any bad blood holding her back from the next phase of her life. She has reached out to her exes to have a positive place in her life right now and for peace of mind, so she can focus on herself and this tour, which is the only thing on her mind right now,” the source continued.


It seems she hasn’t reconnected with Pete though, since their break-up five months ago. The Saturday Night Live star appears to have moved on with Kate Beckinsale – they’ve been spotted out and about and engaging in major PDA on numerous occasions.


So what’s the deal with Ari pulling a Khloe Kardashian with emotional quotes? On Thursday (March 21), Ari shared a cryptic post about letting go on her Instagram stories. The quote was attributed to Horacio Jones and she also tagged @the_enlighten_core. 


“Sometimes, the reason for letting someone go is because they can’t help but hurt you during this phase of their life. When you love someone deeply, you learn what demons live within them and you realize that they are hurting you because they are hurting somewhere within themselves,” the quote reads. “They are fighting a battle within and may not even know it, so they take it out on you because you’re being petty and resentful.”


“You let them go because you really believe that the both of you can find the healing you truly need without being together and hurting each other in the process,” the quote continues. “Letting someone go doesn’t mean you stop loving and caring about anyone. Letting go means you’re choosing freedom over the illusion of loyalty.”


So…who or what is this post all about?


Ari kicked off her Sweetener Tour on Monday (March 18) by paying tribute to Mac Miller. The late rapper died unexpectedly from a drug overdose on September 7, 2018. He was 26.


She then opened the show with her song “Raindrops,” which many believe to be about her break up with Mac.