Find Out Which Artists are Performing at the AMAs This Year!

Michaela Marcelo

November 9, 2017


That’s a very good question, guys. There’s only a little over a week ’til the AMAs take place and everybody’s dying to know who’s performing! Luckily, we’ve got the updated roster of performances right here. So, keep scrolling if you want to know who you’re gonna be seeing on the AMA stage!

Starting the list is K-Pop sensation that’s quickly taking over the world- BTS.



We’re sure the #BTSArmy is going crazy upon finding out their beloved BTS will be taking over the international stage. And honestly, we’re excited to see how the audience will like it! What do you think guys?


Christina Aguilera is back! And honestly, with all that’s been going on in 2017, we need a good throwback to the good old days!



We get to see Aguilera perform in honor of Whitney Houston and more pay tribute to the icon.


Demi Lovato, of course. With the release of her album, Tell Me You Love Me and hit after hit release, it’s just right to see her onstage.


Hopefully we get to see the AMAs bounce to #SorryNotSorry. Am I right???

Long overdue, but still never too late. The great Diana Ross is performing for us and also accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award. 


Honestly, we’re excited for a whole generation to find out who she is and be amazed by her talent. Maybe even surprise them with the fact that most of the classic hits they know (especially the love songs) were probably sang by her.


Kelly Clarkson, will be showing us a Love So Soft in the AMAs and we can’t wait. It’s honestly been too long since one of our favorite American Idol winners performed. So, this is a nice treat.


Do you guys think she’d be performing her classic hit “Since U Been Gone’?? Because we want to see all these celebs scream and dance to it!


The Bad Liar singer has been keeping it low key and putting off performances to help her fully recover. But on November 19 we’re going to see Selena Gomez perform on the AMAs stage!


Despite her busy schedule of filming and recovering, the singer sure had time to release a number of hits this year. Surely enough that earned her a spot onstage to perform her most recent songs!

We also get a surprise or late addition to the roster from one of today’s most memorable performers!


We know P!NK to be one of the most daring artists out there that’s truly unpredictable. The AMas even say that it’ll be her most daring performance to date! And that’s saying something. So we can’t wait to see what she’ll do this year for her performance!


Let us know who you’re most excited for guys!