6 May

Wizards Cast Gets Emotional at Final Live Taping!


Popstar! was one of the lucky few on hand for the final live taping of Wizards of Waverly Place last weekend. Somehow, between the hugs, tears and reminiscing (and the actual taping, of course) the cast found the time to chat with us about just how special the show has been to them!


“It sounds so cheesy, but it was a life-changing experience,” says Jennifer Stone. “Everybody, the cast and crew, they’re like my family. I grew up on this show…I learned so much and I can safely say that this experience shaped who I am as a person.”


Selena Gomez agrees. “[Wizards is] growing up and it’s been amazing to have these people experience everything with me. It’s my home, and it’s going to be really hard to leave,” she tells Popstar!


But we’re all dying to know, how will it all end! Selena weighs in:


“I hope we give [the fans] enough, but I hope we keep a little bit of the mystery. I don’t even know how the show’s going to end, so it’s killing me to find out. They’re actually not even giving us the last scene’s script until we shoot it. It’s kind of a little suspenseful so I don’t know what to expect, I just hope the fans are really happy,” says Selena.


Watch our full interview with Selena below!



Always-goofy David Henrie tells us being on the show really helped him to mature!



Jake T. Austin says, “We don’t want it to end!”



Jennifer Stone is so grateful for all Wizards has given her!



Gregg Sulkin gets emotional and tears up a bit when thinking of the show’s end!



Dan Benson chooses his favorite in the Wizards Competition and names Selena Gomez “the most talented actress on TV today”!


While taping has wrapped, new episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place will continue to air into 2012—so don’t be too sad yet!


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  • ashlynbn said on May 6, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    i wish i wouldnt end. i love that show but i guess it has to. i cant wait to find out who wons the wizard thing. :)

  • selenagomezmegafan425 said on May 8, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    i am ssoo sad tht wizards is coming to an end but i wud lik to thank all of the cast for being supportive and creatign an AMAZING tv sereies. i am exctied to see evry cast member make more film in the futre. WOWP iz my fave show for life i will miss seeing new episodes but there will be reruns rite???? i luv selena she iz gonna hav a gr8 summer im going to one of her cncerts i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!11 congradulations to making a gr8 show!!!

  • dela10 said on May 9, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    That is sad, Wizards and Suite Life and HM. I am done with Disney

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