Zoe Saldana’s New Digital Media Brand BESE Was Inspired By Her Sons

Catherine Michelle

March 23, 2018

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Zoe Saldana is hot commodity in Hollywood: She’s part of what is arguably present day’s biggest movie franchise (as MARVEL Cinematic Universe’s Gamora); and with her talent, intelligence, and sheer star power, she’s become one of Tinseltown’s most sought-after actresses.


And now with her latest venture, Zoe is changing the game in the digital media world.


The gorgeous star just launched her new company BESE, a brand aimed at empowering millenial and GenZ Latinos – by providing them with a platform to share creative original content and stories of their heritage, to be distributed across social and digital platforms.


Pronounced “bee-say”, BESE comes from the verb “to be” in two languages:“Be” in English and “se” in Spanish. And Zoe’s inspiration for this endeavor came from the most beautiful place: Her sons.

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She shared to Just Jared:

“It wasn’t a specific A-ha moment, per say, but it was early on in my pregnancy that BESE was also conceived. I felt a desire to see and hear more positive portrayals of multicultural American people in mainstream media. Now more than before we as consumers have a direct access – through our devices – to information that we didn’t have before, and often the information in the content we consume is presented in a negative or stereotypical depiction of people either by their race, gender, class or language of origin.


I didn’t want my sons to be put into boxes that they didn’t create for themselves. I want my children to witness equal freedom across the board as they are growing into their own American experience, as Americans. So BESE came out of a personal necessity and a personal desire to help my country, so it can as a result nurture my sons. I think the Latinx community is growing and finding its voice within the American landscape. It is BESE’s hope to be one of the tools that will help many generations and communities feel empowered.”


BESE truly stands for something amazing. Congratulations, Zoe!