Anna Faris Talks Relationship With Chris Pratt & ‘Embarrassment Of Divorce’

Catherine Michelle

March 27, 2019

Anna Faris’ past relationship experiences have made her a bit more uncertain about weddings and marriages.


In her recent appearance on the Divorce Sucks! Podcast, the 43-year-old actress candidly talked about the conflicting emotions she struggles with when it comes to the ease of marriage versus the challenges of divorce.


Revealing that she doesn’t really like attending weddings, she said:

“I think the ceremony of weddings puts so much pressure on a couple and you make this very public declaration and you spend, whatever, a year planning it and that’s all you’re focused on and then it’s over and it’s, like, December 26.’


She went on to say that she thinks “the only fun thing is, like, when somebody’s creepy uncle is, like, kinds dancing.”


Anna then spoke about what she deems “the embarrassment of divorce”:

“The divorce untangling… it takes, you know, a year… The confusion of the simplicity of the act of getting married, which mentally you understand — OK, I’m making a commitment in front of people that I love to be with this person for the rest of my life, that I love — and then it’s like, you sign a paper.”


Anna has been divorced twice – from Ben Indra in 2008 after two years of marriage and from Chris Pratt in 2018 after nine years of wedded bliss.


Speaking of her more recent ex, Anna had nothing but good things to say about Chris and their amazing post-divorce relationship:

“He was so sweet, as he always is, he called me like, ‘So, I’m going to ask Katherine to marry me. I just wanted to give you a heads up.’ And I was like, ‘That’s awesome!’ and I told him that I was an ordained minister.


Our goal was to have group Thanksgiving dinners together and to be at that place. Do we do that sooner or later? Grudge holding is not something that Chris and I do. So, we wanted to make sure, of course, that Jack was happy, but that we were happy and supportive of each other and that we could have this fantasy idea of, do we all spend Christmas together? Do we all vacation together? How do we make sure that everybody that we love feels safe, and that we also respect the love we have for each other?” 


Anna and Chris are parents to a six-year-old son, Jack. And she gushingly said of her co-parent:

“I know that we both want the best, just happiness… Under all of these uncoupling circumstances, I think that we are so good and respectful towards each other, and I think there is so much kindness and love, and I know we want to get to that ultimate goal, and I know it sounds lame and optimistic, but that’s what I want.”