Ariana Grande Ex Ricky Alvarez Responds To ‘Thank U’

Catherine Michelle

November 7, 2018


Ariana Grande said ‘Thank U’ to her past boyfriends – and ex Ricky Alvarez has responded!


Over the weekend, Ariana surprised us all when she dropped a hot new track titled “Thank U, Next”. In the song, the 25-year-old singer shared how thankful she is for her previous relationships. She even namedrops her four most recent loves, namely: Pete Davidson, Mac Miller, Ricky Alvarez, and Big Sean.


And now, Ricky has something to say about what Ariana said about him, which as we all know is this:

“Wrote some songs about Ricky / Now I listen and laugh.”


This is how Ricky responded –

He took to his Instagram Stories to post a video of himself listening to ‘Thank U’. He zoomed in when his name was mentioned.


Ariana commented on what he uploaded with:



And Ricky shared his thoughts about her very personal track:

“Nothing but gratitude. Thank u, next. … (those songs are fire tho… you’re welcome).”


Awwww. So great to see these two have nothing but good vibes between them.


Ariana was first linked to Ricky in the summer of 2015. They confirmed that they had broken up a year later, in 2016.


Meanwhile, in other Ariana news…

The pop superstar has opened up about how therapy has helped her through all the struggles she’s faced. Ariana – who recently called off her engagement to SNL star Pete Davidson shortly after her ex Mac Miller suddenly passed away – revealed on social media on Monday (November 5) that therapy saved her.


When a fan tweeted:

“Who is Ariana’s therapist are they accepting new patients.”


Ariana revealingly replied:

“Lmaoaoo this is funny as f**k but in all honesty therapy has saved my life so many times. If you’re afraid to ask for help, don’t be. U don’t have to be in constant pain & u can process trauma.


I’ve got a lot of work to do but it’s a start to even be aware that it’s possible. 🖤” 


Around the same time, the official cause of death of Mac was finally made known.


The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office released the official toxicology findings on his tragic passing. Mac was found dead of an apparent overdose in early September. He was 26.


TMZ reports that the toxicology revealed Mac had fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol in his system at the time of his death. According to the report, he was found face down and unresponsive in his home. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the paramedics.


Mac’s autopsy also revealed pulmonary edema (fluid buildup in his lungs) and froth of the upper airways.


The official case has been stated as “mixed drug toxicity” and has been categorized as an accident.


In Ariana’s song “Thank U”, this is what she sang about Mac:

“Wish I could say, ‘Thank you’ to Malcolm ‘Cause he was an angel.”