Ariana Grande Is Facing Backlash About Her New Starbucks Drink

Andie Manahan

March 13, 2019

Ariana Grande is a newly-minted Starbucks Ambassador. And to celebrate their partnership, they recently introduced a new Starbucks drink – the Cloud Macchiato, which is available in two flavors: caramel and cinnamon; and can be ordered iced or hot.


While the jury is still out whether it lives up to its promise to be “unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before,” it’s the drink’s ingredients that has many of the pop star’s fans confused.


Cloud Macchiato is made with espresso, vanilla-flavored syrup, caramel sauce, “cloud powder,” and milk.


Here’s the part that got fans confused. Back in 2013, Ari shared that she was a following a vegan diet in an interview with The Mirror, and even revealed “I love animals more than I love most people.”


So, when Ari posted about the drink online, she encouraged fans to “#trythesoyversion.”


“@starbucks cloud #cloudmacchiato #starbucksambassador #trythesoyversion 🌱,” she captioned photos of her holding the drink.


BUT, apparently, even switching to soy milk still won’t make it vegan. The Starbucks Twitter account confirmed that the “cloud powder,” which gives the milk its signature fluffy texture, contains egg whites, making the drink “impossible to make vegan.” And the caramel drizzle used also contains dairy.


Fans have since taken to Twitter to share their reactions on finding out the drink did NOT have a vegan option.


“I thought Starbucks new drink since it’s being endorsed by Ariana Grande would be able to be made vegan since you know she IS vegan, but upon research it has egg white powder in. V sad,” one fan wrote.


“how is ariana grande promoting the new starbucks cloud macchiato when she’s vegan when the drink contains egg and dairy lmao,” another fan questioned.


“So i cant have cloud cos it’s not vegan, i thought i could cause ari promotes its 🙁 #cloudmacchiato,” one fan shared.


“Ariana: I’m vegan I love animals I could never think about eating another way!

Also Ariana: *releases drink with egg whites w/ Starbucks*,” a Twitter user wrote.


“Why are people getting mad at Ariana for having her name behind a not vegan Starbucks drink…..she hasn’t said she’s vegan in years she might not even be anymore lol. Also who cares she can’t control the world,” a fan tweeted, defending the singer.


To be fair, Ari never claimed the drink was vegan. And Starbucks has been upfront about the drink’s ingredients containing eggs and dairy.


Ari has yet to comment on the matter.