Ariana Grande Says True Love Doesn’t Exist, Covers Up Ink Honoring Pete Davidson’s Dad

Catherine Michelle

December 4, 2018

Is Ariana Grande feeling a little down about love?

Photo: Getty Images


The 25-year-old singer recently rocked our world by unexpectedly dropping what has since been hailed as one of the most empowering and positive post-breakup songs – and she further cementing the single’s iconic status with the release of its music video on Friday (November 30) which can only be described as totally epic (and so fetch!).

“Thank U, Next” definitely saw Ari rising from heartbreak and pain after tumultuous, life-altering times especially in matters of the heart which saw her end her whirlwind romance and engagement to Pete Davidson and mourn the unexpected death of Mac Miller, with whom she was in a two-year relationship with prior to Pete. But it seems she’s also having contemplative moments when it comes to love.

The day after she released the music video for “Thank U, Next”, Ari took to social media on Saturday (December 01) to write on Twitter:

“Actually… I don’t want no ‘next’. True love doesn’t exist. Hope you’re having a great day!”

Of course, the jaded tone of her post had a lot of fans expressing concern over the singer. But she deleted what she wrote a while later, chalking it up to hunger pangs:


As we all know, “Thank U, Next” is an ode of sorts for Ari’s famous exes. She mentions Pete and Mac, as well as Ricky Alvarez and Big Sean – showing that she’s got nothing but love and gratefulness for the men who were a huge part of her life.

While chatting with fans on Twitter over the weekend, she opened up about how the very personal track came to be. Ari shared that it happened during a very rough day in NYC soon after she broke up with Pete. Check out what she said:


Now, it’s a record-breaking chart topper – and a beautiful, inspiring anthem for those who are going through or have recently gone through heartbreak.

And Ari may still believe in true love – but she also believes in moving on. Particularly when it comes to her body ink!

She’s said “Thank U, Next” to more of her Pete-inspired tattoos. But this most recent one is a bit more than just about a failed relationship.

In a behind-the-scenes clip for her video, we got a glimpse of Ari’s new cover up. Her foot ink used to read “8414” – the badge number of Pete’s firefighter father who died on 9/11. Now, the tattoo in honor of Pete’s dad has been covered up with something to remember her late ex Mac Miller by – “Myron”, which is the name of the dog he adopted back in January 2017. Ari has been seen with the dog after Mac’s passing.