Chris Brown and Offset Have At It On Social Media

Andie Manahan

February 7, 2019

Chris Brown just challenged Offset to a fight!


Things got heated between Breezy and Offset on social media – and escalated really really fast.


It appears to have started on Wednesday (February 6), when Chris posted a video on Instagram of a 21 Savage music video where the audio was replaced with the British rapper Big Shaq’s track “Man’s Not Hot.”


“CMON FAM, STOP PLAYING WIT DA MANS DEM,” Breezy wrote in the caption.


The Migos rapper hopped into the comments section of the post with a message for the “No Air” singer.


“Memes ain’t funny lame,” Offset wrote.


To which the R&B singer replied with a lengthy NSFW response:


“F–k you lil boy. Better worry about what u got going and focus on ‘you,’” Chris wrote. “All this cap on IG is what’s lame. Yo energy wont that when I came to Drake show in LA. If you don’t get yo a hip a hop a hibbet a hibbet to the hip hip hop and ya don’t stop the rockin facea– out of my comments. Sensitive a— n—a. Call me personally. U want some clout when all u gotta do is pull up. No camera, no flexing and all at!!! If you a real man fight me. Oh and another thing, suck my d–k!”


And Chris wasn’t done. He also went on Instagram stories to share a screenshot of their heated exchange, writing, “If he don’t get his EARTH WIND AND FIRE pootytang space suits WEARING CAP A– LIL BOY da f–k out my comments and off my d–k.”


Offset appears to have responded on his own Instagram Story with a one-liner. “Coke head don’t want (smoke emoji),” he wrote in a since-deleted the post.


Last Sunday (February 3), British-born rapper 21 Savage (real name She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph) was arrested by the ICE on allegations that he has been in the U.S. illegally for more than a decade. Following the news, his British heritage became the subject of memes over the weekend.


Offset has been vocal about not being down for any 21 Savage memes. Earlier this week, he went on Twitter to slam netizens who have been making light of 21’s arrest or nationality.




Offset is not the only celebrity sticking up for 21, with whom he worked with back in 2017.


Jay-Z is using his platform to advocate for the 26-year old rapper’s release from custody.


“The arrest and detention of 21 Savage is an absolute travesty, his U-visa petition has been pending for 4 years,” Jay-Z said in a statement to Billboard, adding, “In addition to being a successful recording artist, 21 deserves to be reunited with his children immediately, #Free21Savage.”


He and record label, Roc Nation, also hired an attorney to assist in 21’s legal battle against the ICE.


On Tuesday (February 5), 21’s legal team addressed the issue of his arrest with a statement.


“Mr. Abraham-Joseph was born in the United Kingdom. Mr. Abraham-Joseph arrived legally in the United States at the age of 7,” the statement explained.


“He remained in the United States until 2005, when he departed for approximately one month to visit the United Kingdom. He returned to the United States under a valid H-4 visa on July 22, 2005.”


(An H-4 visa is issued to immediate family members, spouses or children under the age of 21.)


“Mr. Abraham-Joseph has been continuously physically present in the United States for almost 20 years, except for a brief visit abroad. Unfortunately, in 2006 Mr. Abraham-Joseph’s legal status expired through no fault of his own.”


The statement also refutes ICE’s claims that the rapper was convicted of felony charges, saying he “has no criminal convictions or charges under state or federal law and is free to seek relief from removal in immigration court.”


“ICE provided incorrect information to the press when it claimed he had a criminal conviction.”


According to ICE, the rapper is currently awaiting removal proceedings in federal immigration courts. People reports that, as of this time, 21 Savage is still being held in custody without bond – something his lawyers are contesting.


According to his lawyers, “By statute, bond should be granted by ICE when there is no flight risk or a danger to the community.”