Cole Sprouse Talks All Things Jughead Jones!

Catherine Michelle

October 9, 2018

Cole Sprouse


Ahead of Riverdale’s much-awaited third season premiere, series star Cole Sprouse surprised fans by doing a Reddit AMA to celebrate the upcoming start of season three!




On Monday (October 08), the 26-year-old actor did a Reddit AMA where he candidly discussed all things Jughead Jones, the character he portrays in the hit CW show. Cole shared his thoughts and feelings towards his role and storylines – and even teased the pretty significant changes Juggie will be going through as the new season progresses.


If he could go back in time to previous seasons…


 “I do wish I had introduced something I’ve done this season, earlier into the show. Jughead is eating all the time now. Consistently snacking. In episode one, of this season it’s practically every scene…I think if I could go back to season 2, I would have eaten a lot more.” [Jughead is always eating in the comics]


His favorite Riverdale episode


“The episode we’re finishing now is one that introduces us to the rest of the Jones family, while also being an Archie/Jughead narrative. Always fun getting to work with KJ, nice to finally meet Jug’s momma too.”


Cole Sprouse - Jughead




“Jughead was definitely a different character in season 2, and will be in season 3 as well. Every season is a slightly different genre and feeling, and so the characters are re-imagined slightly as well.


What I will say about season 1 vs season 2 Jughead is that in season 1, Jug practically had no flaws. He was a quirky, quick-witted, socially averse young writer and love interest who risks it all for loyalty and love. This character type is often well-loved. Season 2, Jughead is a flawed character. He’s beaten, recruited, told he’s royalty, given power very quickly, brash, hotheaded, outspoken, violent, has a savior complex, and because of this, gets punished (badly). He’s no longer as easily liked, but he’s a much more three dimensional character imo.


Season three, after his close call with the grim reaper, he’s calm, loyal, confident, brave, and understanding of his own mistakes. Also he eats all the time, I think you’ll like him.”


We’re totally sure we will – we fall for your Jughead Jones every time, Cole!