Divorced Chris Pratt & Anna Faris Plan To Stay Close

Catherine Michelle

November 8, 2018


They’ve made their divorce official – but Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are still going to keep each other close.


Literally close. Within five miles of each other close.


On Wednesday, Chris and Anna’s marriage was officially terminated. But in their divorce settlement, special terms were included regarding their five-year-old son, Jack.


Jack is without a doubt their number one priority – and both Chris and Anna are willing to do everything they can to make sure they are still able to co-parent their little boy.


That, according to court documents obtained by ET, includes living within five miles from each other’s homes for the next five years, until Jack finishes sixth grade. Of course, they would still be able to move farther away if very absolutely necessary. But they have to give each other three month’s notice.


Chris and Anna’s settlement shows that they will be sharing joint legal and physical custody of Jack. The two actors have waived the right to spousal and child support. What they have agreed to do is work together to maintain a joint bank account for Jack’s monthly expenses.


The ex-couple also agreed that when it comes to Jack’s schooling and other extracurriculars – like getting a license, non-emergency medical treatments, and others – they have to decide on these together.


Chris and Anna signed a prenup prior to getting married.


What this settlement, and how they’ve been throughout the entire divorce proceedings, reflect is how much they are on the same page when it comes to their separation. Chris and Anna still very clearly care about each other and respect each other, and they both value the family they made.


The former flames were married for eight years. They announced their separation in August 2017.


Since then, they’ve both moved on romantically. Chris is seeing actress Katherine Schwarzenegger; Anna is dating Michael Barrett. But the two have remained on good terms with each other.


An insider dished last week:

“Anna and Chris have always maintained a respectful relationship after breaking up. From the beginning, their main focus has been their son, Jack. Anna and Chris support each other in their new relationships and want one another to be happy.”


And in fact, Chris and Anna even went on a double date while taking Jack trick or treating this Halloween! The exes hit the streets on Halloween night with Jack and their respective significant others for some good ol’ trick or treat fun together.


A source revealed:

“Along with Katherine and Michael, they all took Jack trick-or-treating in Pacific Palisades. It seems they all get along really well. Everyone had a good time. They were making an effort to make sure Jack had a great Halloween.”