Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Buys His Mom A House For Christmas

Andie Manahan

January 2, 2019

Over the holidays, Dwayne Johnson brought tears of joy to a very special woman in his life – his mom.

The 46-year-old actor has always been open about his humble beginnings, and believes that “if you got a good mama, then you gotta pretty good shot at becoming a decent human being.”

So, on Christmas, The Rock spread some major holiday cheer and became Dwanta Claus to his mom. He gave his mom a really sweet Christmas gift – a new house!

He shared an uber touching video of his mom’s reaction on Instagram.

In the video, Dwayne’s mom sat in front of the Christmas tree and read aloud a card.

“We love you mom and Merry Christmas. This Willy Wonka Golden Ticket is good for…” she began, then turning the page, she broke down in tears and covered her face.

“Wait, wait, wait,” she said, trying to regain her composure. And Dwayne could be heard laughing off-cam.

After a deep breath, she continued, “A brand new home!”

“Love you, Dwanta,” she finished reading.

He shared the sweet sentiment behind his gift in the caption, writing:

“This one felt good.

Surprise! Bought my mom a new home for Christmas.

All our lives growing up we lived in little apartments all across the country. Lived like gypsies on the road from one state to another.

The first home my parents ever lived in was the one I bought for them in 1999.

They divorced about 5yrs later and as with life, stuff happens and things got a little complicated.

Since then I always made sure my mom and dad have everything they’ll ever need – houses, cars etc.

But the house this time is a special one and the timing is very meaningful.

I told her to treat this card like it’s “Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket” because she gets to choose any home she wants – anywhere she wants.

I always say, if you got a good mama, then you gotta pretty good shot at becoming a decent human being. And somehow, somewhere along the line I became one lucky SOB to be able to make stuff like this happen.

Merry Christmas Ma and WOOOHOOO enjoy your new home.

Dwanta 🎅🏾

Despite his fame, Dwayne isn’t forgetting where he came from. And he just loves giving the coolest gifts to his loved ones. Last Christmas, he surprised his dad Rocky Johnson, whom he describes as a “minimalist” who “never asks me for much,” with a new truck. And earlier this year, he also gifted his cousin and stunt double of 17 years, Tanoai Reed, a custom pick up truck.

He also made some kids’ wishes come true this holiday season. When three children named PJ, Cameron, and Lucy visited the set of his upcoming movie Hobbs and Shaw. They spent some time bonding over video games and came home with some really cool gifts – including an Xbox, 12-month pass for free games, Dwanta Claus Christmas sweaters and more.  He even baked them his signature chocolate chip cookies!

Awww…what a truly sweet guy!

He’s a good sport, too! He proudly displayed his Razzie award on Instagram, alongside his plaque from Disney, writing:

“Great homecoming for me.

After months away from home due to filming, I come back home to these Christmas gift surprises waiting for me in my office.

Amazing gift from Disney commemorating over 5 MILLION WORLDWIDE SALES for our soundtrack of MOANA, on which I sang the song YOU’RE WELCOME.

And a sweet little GOLDEN RAZZIE AWARD for making BAYWATCH.

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#WelcomeHomeDJ #AndMerryXmas 🤣🎅🏾