‘Game Of Thrones’: That ‘Dracarys’ Moment, Who Didn’t Make It, And How Twitter Is Taking It

Andie Manahan

May 13, 2019


Death. Destruction. Dracarys.


WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5


Game of Thrones has dealt fans one blow after another with the deaths of some major characters this season…Who are we kidding? It’s pretty much been happening the whole run of the series.


But after Missandei’s execution last week and Sunday’s (May 12) episode being the penultimate episode – the stakes are higher than ever.


In Daenerys’ words: “We have won the Great War. Now we will win the last war.”


And the Mother Of Dragons definitely took that to heart – along with her bestie and adviser’s final word: “Dracarys.”


Some saw it coming, others were taken by surprise – Dany and Drogon weren’t about to let anyone bring them down, so they brought pretty much all of King’s Landing down. And fans were like:


“Missandei in Heaven like: ‘I know I said Dracarys but this isn’t what i meant..’” one fan reacted.


“They shoulda never gave that woman a dragon,” a fan wrote.


“Dany is not very good at SimCity,” one fan joked.


“Daenerys just wanted to be firelord all along,” another tweeted.


And that scene of Grey Worm leading the troops into battle alongside Jon Snow and Sir Davos has this fan comparing it to an uber-popular music group: “Nothing but respect for MY Destiny’s Child.”


Everyone’s already hating on Jamie for hurting Brienne, and he once again moved heaven and earth to be by his sister’s side.


“Really not here for this last minute romanticization of Jaime and Cersei’s twisted a– relationship,” on fan wrote.


Remember the Starbucks cup that wasn’t actually a Starbucks cup on Episode 4? Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that there’s another gaffe in this episode – in Jamie and Cersei’s final moments together.


“Anyone else notice Jaime’s gold hand turned back to a normal hand in his final minutes with Cersei?” one fan asked.


“He protec

He attac

But most importantly he grew his hand bacc,” another fan joked.


And for those rooting for Arya to tick that final name on her kill list…


“So Jamie and Cersei die by rubble….really?” a fan tweeted.


“After EIGHT YEARS this is how Cersei dies?!” an incredulous fan asked.


“Wait so you mean to tell me that after all 8 seasons, Cersei just dies like that? This episode did not meet my expectations,” another fan expressed.


But Arya stans are breathing a huge sigh of relief.


“I have no words. Arya survived that’s what matters,” one fan tweeted.


“Say what you want about the episode but can we talk about how great Maise Williams is 😁” another wrote.


And this fan is rooting for Arya to pull off some major changes in the outcome. “Pretty sure Arya’s gonna pull a Katniss Everdeen on Dany in the finale lmao.”


And Tormund-Brienne shippers also appear to be rejoicing.


“When you hear that the one-handed f–ker died so you have another shot with the big woman.

Happy for Tormund,” a fan captioned a smiling photo of Tormund.


Others paid tribute to the ones who this episode’s fallen.


“RIP Sandor, you were too beautiful for this world 😔,” one fan bid farewell to The Hound.


Another gave props to Varys: “Varys was the realest of them all. Never switched up. Always kept it real for the realm.”


While another pointed out Jamie’s character arc made a full circle. “Jaime Lannister had a beautiful character arc. He changed completely & not at all. I’ll love him forever.”



With one more episode left to go (and Cersei out of the picture), the question remains: Who will sit on the Iron Throne?


Game Of Thrones final two-hour episode will air on May 26 at 9PM on HBO.