Have A Very Merry Holiday Season In Vail With POPSTAR!

Catherine Michelle

November 7, 2018


Just because it’s the holidays, that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside and find adventure!


The chilly season can be the perfect time to savor the great outdoors. And we’ve got the prime destination for some good ol’ wintery fun: Vail, Colorado.


Elizabeth Stanton from POPSTAR! tell us how it is in very merry Vail:

“The holidays are quickly approaching, and if you’re wondering where to go for winter break, there are many options right here in the US! One tried and true favorite in Colorado is Vail.


The mountain resort town is known well for its world-famous ski slopes that host Ski and Snowboard Championships.”


Take it from Liz and her amazing travel tips:

“If you plan to travel before the holidays, early season in Vail starts in mid November and runs for about a month. You’ll find shorter lift lines, more room for lodging, and less activity on the trails and slopes.”


Then there’s Vail’s very awesome winter event:

“Vail Snow Days is an event that runs December 13th through the 16th, with free concerts at night and vendor demos during the day.”


And of course, there’s nothing like kicking off the magical holiday season in this wonderland:

“Later in December, the holiday season kicks off with tree lighting, ice skating, a holiday market and so much more.”


Plus, Vail’s got very cozy indoor attractions too:

“After spending days outdoors, Vail has some great resorts and hotels where you can curl up with a warm beverage.”

Spending the holidays in the mountains definitely sounds like a must!