Here’s Why Taylor Swift Wasn’t At Karlie Kloss’ Wedding

Catherine Michelle

October 22, 2018


Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss’ evolving relationship has captivated the world for years. From their instant connection to their ultimate BFF status to their sudden cooling off on each other to rumors of a feud to them assuring fans they were still friends to finally being photographed again together recently when Karlie saw Taylor on tour, we all just can’t get enough of the gorgeous blond duo.


And so of course, when Karlie revealed that she and longtime boyfriend Joshua Kushner had finally tied the knot on Thursday (October 18), we all wanted to know: Was Taylor in attendance at the intimate affair?


Well, as it turns out, she was not – but she did have very good reason! Taylor was actually playing a show in Australia on Friday (October 19), making her unavailable to be present for Karlie’s big day in New York.


Taking to her Instagram Stories on Thursday – aka Karlie’s wedding day – Taylor uploaded a selfie along with this note:

“I missed you guys so much! Just flew 131,313 hours. Worth it. It is eleventy o clock in my brain. I am 80% taylor & 20% jet lag. Still Ready 4 it. Love you guys! Let’s do this Perth.”


Karlie and Joshua will reportedly have a big celebration soon – perhaps that’s when Taylor will be able to attend!