Hilary Duff Loves Her Placenta Smoothie

Catherine Michelle

November 11, 2018


Hilary Duff just welcomed her second child, a baby girl, last month. And she is totally embracing motherhood!

The 31-year-old mom of two is enjoying everything that comes with being a mother – including, as it turns out, consuming her placenta. In fact, she calls it absolutely “delightful”!

On Thursday (November 8) during an interview with the Dr. Berlin Informed Pregnancy podcast, Hilary shared that her placenta was made into a smoothie… and declared that smoothie to be the “most delightful smoothie I’ve ever had.” She said:

“I haven’t had a smoothie that delightful since I was, like, 10 years old. It was calorie-filled with juice and fruit and everything delicious. It was good!”

She did admit, however:

“I was a little wigged out at first, to be honest.”

Now she says that the whole experience was good. And Hilary added that she still continues to consume her placenta. But she doesn’t take it in capsule form, like many new mothers do. Instead, Hilary takes hers in ice cube form.

Why ice cubes and not capsules, you may be wondering? Well, Hilary stated to Dr. Berlin it was because of this:

“I’ve heard placenta burps are not ideal.”

Okay, then.

Hilary also spoke about the overwhelming joy and emotions she experienced when she was handed her little bundle of joy after giving birth:

“They hand her to me and I’m looking at her.. and she reaches up both of her arms and curls into me. It was the most, I couldn’t believe how strong she was, but it was so clearly, like, a hug. It was amazing. It makes me want to cry.

It made me feel like she was, ‘Good team, Mom.'”


Hilary and boyfriend Matthew Koma welcomed their first child together on October 25. They named their daughter Banks Violet Blair, and gushed about how “this little bit has fully stolen our hearts!”

Hilary is also mom to a son, six-year-old Luca, whom she shares with her ex-husband Mike Comrie.

What do you think about Hilary’s placenta smoothies and ice cubes?