Jason Biggs And Jenny Mollen’s Son Was Hospitalized With A Fractured Skull

Andie Manahan

April 19, 2019


Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen have been through a “traumatic week.”


The American Pie star and the Crazy Stupid Love actress, who are candid about their life and their relationship with fans, are proud parents to two little boys – 5-year-old Sid, and 1-year-old Lazlo.


Jenny, who frequently posts about mom life on Instagram, recently opened up about a scary accident that landed her 5-year-old boy in the ICU.


Sharing a photo of herself with Sid (his face covered with a sticker) in her arms, she captioned the photo:


“On Saturday evening, I dropped my son on his head causing him to fracture his skull and landing him in the ICU.


I am forever grateful to Lenox hill downtown and @nyphospital for their immediate response and aid. Thank you to all of the nurses, neurologists, pediatricians, residents, cafeteria staff and brave women that keep the visitor‘s bathrooms clean. Not sure how this post turned into an Oscars acceptance speech… But @biggsjason Thank god for you! Thank god, thank god, thank god.


It has been a traumatic week but Sid is home now taking things slowly and recovering nicely. He is also eating a lot of chocolate dipped ice cream cones and plans to try cherry dipped soon.


My heart goes out to all parents who have or will ever find themselves in this kind of position. You are not alone…”


Fans and celebs alike have shared their support for the mother of two.


Kristen Ritter wrote, “Oh my god Jenny that is so scary and I’m so sorry you guys are going through this,” and wished for a “Fast recovery for Sid! Sending love ❤️❤️❤️”


Claire Holt showed some love, “❤️❤️❤️❤️”


Erika Christensen commented, “💔 Good work getting life back on track. Jesus, it makes me cry. 🙌🏼”


Rachel Bilson gave kisses and encouragement via emojis, writing, “😘😘😘 🍦💪”


Glad their little boy is okay. Get well soon, Sid!