Lana Condor & Noah Centineo Fueled Relationship Rumors

Catherine Michelle

February 6, 2019

Lana Condor just made a game-changing confession.


The To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before actress has revealed that she and co-star Noah Centineo were super aware of all the speculations that they were dating in real life – IN FACT, she admitted that they encouraged the are-they-a-couple-in-real-life talk!


As anyone and everyone who has seen the Netflix movie knows, Lana and Noah’s on-screen chemistry is totally off the charts! Their natural, undeniable spark is visible in every single scene they share together as Lara Jean and Peter, and played a huge role in making the film as swoon-worthy as it is.


So of course, fans naturally began shipping Lara Jean and Peter. And when all the press for the movie began and people saw how cute and flirty and adorable the actors were in their off-screen interactions, well, the world started shipping Lana and Noah in real life as well!


Yes, Lana was always open about having a boyfriend. But with all their heavy social media flirting, gushing remarks about each other in interviews, and the super sweet way they acted towards each other, we all couldn’t help but wonder if there was anything going on between them IRL.


Now, in a new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Lana is opening up about how she and Noah consciously had a part in fueling their real-life ship. She confessed to her and Noah being fine with all the speculations – and even played up to them:

“Noah and I definitely encouraged the speculation. But it’s because we believe in the story and the characters and we genuinely love each other. You can truly love someone in a very platonic way.”


So yes, as it turns out, a lot of it was very deliberate – but the affection behind their actions was, and is, all very real. Just, you know, in a platonic sense. Lana and Noah really did hit it off immediately, and they were drawn to each other and became super close.


And if people saw that bond and ran away with it, well, they were okay with that, too.


Lana also confessed, however, that all that relationship talk about her and Noah took its toll on her actual relationship with boyfriend Anthony De La Torre. Particularly when people started trolling Anthony and leaving nasty comments upon finding out that he was dating Lana:

“It was so hurtful for both of us. This is supposed to be a good thing. Why are you ­coming for someone who has no part of this story? If you say you support me, why would you hurt someone I love?”


But no matter what the haters say, Lana is clearly in love and happy with her real-life flame:

“There’s no other person in this world I want to spend every day doing nothing with.”


And she and Noah have a pretty solid friendship too. Lucky girl!