Liam Payne Teases Possible One Direction Holiday Reunion!

Catherine Michelle

December 13, 2018

Photo: Getty Images


Is it true…? Could it be…?

Liam Payne has just dropped a huge reveal that made every single One Directioner’s hearts practically explode with glee: The boys may possibly be reuniting over the holidays.


Okay, deep breaths. Now for the details. Speaking to Capital FM recently, Liam talked about seeing fellow former One Direction member Niall Horan. He very cutely could not contain his enthusiasm and joy at seeing Niall as he shared:

“I spoke to Niall the other day. We were both super jet lagged. He texted me at like 2 in the morning, and I was just wide awake from like midnight to right through the next day. We spent like four hours on FaceTime.

I hadn’t spoken to him in ages. It was actually really, really funny. We had a really good laugh.”


And then. AND THEN! Liam went on to even more cutely express that he was looking forward to possibly seeing Niall, along with Louis (Tomlinson) and Harry (Stiles) during Christmastime! Liam said:

“I’d hope to [see them over Christmastime]. Everyone’s so busy, it is what it is.

I obviously saw Louis over the course of X Factor. I haven’t seen Harry in a while now, but I think everybody’s in London at the moment, which is cool, for the first time – the closest we’ve been for a while.”

Boys. Please. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Of course, fans couldn’t help but notice that Liam spoke of possibly seeing Niall, Louis, and Harry only. That’s four guys out of a five-member boyband. Noticeably missing from it all? Zayn Malik.

Zayn’s absence isn’t entirely surprising. In a recent interview with British Vogue, he revealed that that he didn’t make any friends while in the band, a lot of negativity from them was directed his way when he left, and he has not spoken to any of them in a very long time.

His reveal created quite a stir, as you can imagine!

But in a twist of events, fans are now convinced that Zayn’s new single “Good Years” contain emotional lyrics about One Direction.

Here’s how the song goes:

“The voices screaming loud as hell

We don’t care about no one else

Nothing in the world could bring us down

Now we’re so high among the stars without a worry

And neither one, one of us wants to say we’re sorry.” 


What do you think? Could Zayn possibly be singing about Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry???

And will those Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry’s holiday reunion push through???