Sandra Oh’s Big Win, A Chrissy Metz Maybe-Diss, And More Memorable Moments At The Globes!

Catherine Michelle

January 7, 2019

It’s Hollywood’s biggest party. Yes, they’ll cry (tears of joy) and laugh and celebrate if they want to. And they totally do – and they DID.

And we enjoyed hearing all about the best, the funniest, the most jaw-dropping tidbits about our fave awards show: The 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Here are some of the night’s unforgettable moments:

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh owned the evening with their rad hosting skills. Their chemistry was palpable – and they made the perfect pair to preside over the festivities. From kicking things off by saying “We’re the only two people left in Hollywood who haven’t gotten in trouble for saying something offensive” to their hilarious yet still super adorable roasting of the celebs in the crowd (praising Michael B. Jordan’s buffness and calling Spike Lee “Mr. Do The Right Thing”), they charmed stars and viewers alike with their mad hosting skills and utter cuteness.

Stars get flu shots – in their seats. Andy and Sandra felt that, with food and drinks all around, only one thing was missing from the festivities: Flu shots. Yup, FLU SHOTS. “We thought we’d mix it up and try something new. So roll up your sleeves Hollywood – you’re getting flu shots.” And they did.

Lady Gaga won Best Song with the A Star Is Born masterpiece, “Shallow”. She and co-writer Mark Ronson accepted the award and thanked director Bradley Cooper, emotionally stating: “You took a heartfelt, honest tune and you gave it emotional resonance that we could’ve only dreamed of. The way you weaved the lyrics into the film and the narrative of your beautiful heartbreaking film is why we’re standing up here tonight, I believe.” Awww.

Regina King made a Gender Parity Pledge. While accepting the award for best supporting actress in a film, she beautifully concluded her speech with this: “The reason why we do this is because we understand that our microphones are big and that we’re speaking for everyone. I’m going to use my platform to say that in the next two years, I am making a vow and, it’s going to be tough, to make sure that everything I produce is 50 percent women. I challenge everyone out there who is in a position of power, not just in our industry but in all industries, I challenge you to challenge yourselves and stand with us in solidarity and do the same.” Brava.

Maya Rudolph proposed to Amy Poehler. In a send-up of the proposal at the 2018 Emmys, Maya proposed to her co-presenter Amy. “I’m so sorry guys, I just, I have to do this. Amy, you’re the love of my life. … You’ve always been there for me. Amy Geraldine Poehler, will you marry me?” 

Christian Bale thanked Satan. Rather, “Satan”. In his speech while accepting his Golden Globe for his role as VP Dick Cheney in Vice, Christian said of playing the “absolutely charisma-free and reviled by everybody” politician: “Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role.”

Rachel Brosnahan made Golden Globes history. She’s the first woman to repeat a win in the best actress in a comedy of musical category. Amazing!

Carol Burnett is given the first Carol Burnett Award. Steve Carell presented the award, which he explained comes 66 years after the Cecil B. deMille Award for lifetime achievement in film. This one will honor lifetime achievement in TV – and Carol Burnett herself is the first awardee. Well-deserved!

Sandra Oh won the evening. Actually, Sandra Oh wins at life, period. She won Best Actress in a TV series for her role in Killing Eve, and became the first Asian-Canadian and first actress of Asian descent to do so since the 1981 show, when Yoko Shimada won for Shogun. She made Golden Globes history also as the first person of Asian descent to host the show, and the second host to win a Golden Globe while hosting. Also, she won for having the most awesome parents in the audience cheering her on (seriously, they were so incredibly awesome). Congratulations, Sandra!