Nick Cannon Is Taking Credit For Pete Davidson – Kate Beckinsale Romance

Catherine Michelle

February 6, 2019

Nick Cannon, cupid?

It certainly seems that way – at least, according to the TV personality himself. He just declared on national television that a certain hot hot HOT pairing is all because of him: Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale!


Nick, who’s currently sitting in for Wendy Williams on her talk show while she recovers from her health struggles, revealed on Tuesday’s episode (February 5) that he is responsible for Pete and Kate getting together.


The 38-year-old star shared:

“Last night I was hanging out with my little brother, Pete Davidson. We was in Brooklyn! We were having some good conversation. We were having cougar conversations. I taught that young boy well.”


Nick went on to talk about his role in 25-year-old Pete romancing his gorgeous 45-year-old new flame:

“I will take credit for it. I’m the one who told him, ‘Get you an older woman, man!’ I said that. Leave them little pop stars alone!


An old woman knows what she wants! She don’t play no games! That’s what I’m talking about. Get you somebody older!”


‘Them little pop stars’. Seems Nick’s also taking digs at Pete’s former fiancé, Ariana Grande. And he had more to say about Ari and her botched Japanese tattoo, which should’ve read ‘7 Rings’ but instead reads “shichirin” – a Japanese-style BBQ grill:

“Them little pop stars, they don’t know! They giving Japanese menus tattooed on their backs from the sushi restaurant.


I’m joking, but that is Ariana Grande’s hand. I think that’s even after she tried to fix it.”

“That’s some young girl stuff. Older women don’t like tardy barbecues,” Cannon added. “They like chitlins and grits.”




Well, we all know Nick definitely believes women are like fine wine. After all, he fell hard for many years – even married and raised a family – with an older woman himself: The fabulous, timelessly beautiful Mariah Carey. Nick is 11 years younger than his ex-wife.


Last year, Nick talked about Pete and Ariana’s engagement, saying that Pete actually called him before proposing to the singer:

“He called before he was going to do it, and I said, ‘Salud!’ He was really excited, so I was like, ‘I love it, man. Keep it going.’ Love is in the air!” 


Pete and Kate first began sparking romance speculations in January when they were spotted getting cozy at a Golden Globes after party. Just this past weekend, the two were photographed holding hands as they were leaving after Pete’s stand-up gig in West Hollywood.


Sources have since confirmed the two are dating.