Paris Hilton Just Called Lindsay Lohan ‘Lame’ And ‘Embarrassing’

Andie Manahan

May 15, 2019

Apparently, this feud is still ongoing…


Once upon a time, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were pals – until they weren’t. And their feud has been going on for years.


And, yeah, even in recent years, things haven’t really died down.


In a 2017 interview with MTV News Australia, Paris threw some shade at Lindsay when she was asked to comment on a photo of her, Lindsay and Britney Spears on a girls night out.


“Well, actually it was just Brit and I out, and then [Lindsay] just, like, chased us to the car and got in. She wasn’t invited,” Paris said.


And in 2018, Paris called Lilo a “pathological liar” on social media, when Paris fan account posted a video from the 2000s where Lindsay claimed the heiress threw a drink at her, backtracked, then called her the C-word.


It’s 2019, and, looks like there’s more Paris-Lindsay drama in store.


On Tuesday (May 14), Paris went on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and played a game of “Plead The Fifth” with the host.


Andy Cohen began by bringing up her infamous feud with Lilo – and challenged her to say three NICE things about Lindsay.


“She is beyond,” Paris began, before adding, “lame and embarrassing.”


Maybe Andy wasn’t really expecting those last two, but accepted her answers anyway. Then, he brought up her reported beef with Kim Kardashian, and asked if it had to do with her insulting a certain body part of her friend’s.


“I think it was the media just making something up,” Paris said.


She went on to share that she just dropped a new song called “My Best Friend’s A—” and Kim’s famous derriere is in the music video.

“Her a– is hot. I love it,” she added.


And as for their supposed feud, “We’ve known each other since we were literally like two years old,” Paris replied.


ICYMI, Kim also posted about the song on her IG stories – sharing a behind-the-scenes photo of her and Paris were rocking matching silver dresses.