Penn Badgley & Brittany Snow Not In The Loop On ‘John Tucker Must Die’ Sequel



Penn Badgley and Brittany Snow recently shared their thoughts on a potential sequel to the cult classic “John Tucker Must Die,” and it seems they’re not entirely in the loop about the project.

For those who might need a refresher, the duo starred in the 2006 teen comedy alongside Sophia Bush, Ashanti, Arielle Kebbel, and Jesse Metcalfe, who played the titular character, John Tucker. Earlier this year, some exciting news emerged: Jesse, Sophia, and Arielle revealed that a script for a sequel was being developed, and Jesse even offered a positive update on the progress.

However, it appears that Penn and Brittany haven’t been clued in on the developments. During an episode of Penn’s Podcrushed podcast, the pair opened up about their lack of involvement in the sequel discussions.

“Penn, I don’t know if you’ve had a call, but I’ve gotten no call,” Brittany shared, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Penn echoed her sentiment, humorously noting, “I mean, it’s maybe possible like the superposition quantum physics, like everything is potentially within the realm of, like, maybe this apple will fall up, I can’t actually say with certainty.”

Despite not being in the loop, Brittany mentioned that she had spoken with Arielle Kebbel about the sequel in the past. “I have been talking to Arielle about this for years because she was trying to get it off the ground, but I didn’t know what happened, and I was like, ‘Go forth. Go forth with that,’” she explained. “But so that was the last I had heard of it, was that she was trying to make it happen, and I guess she did?”

Brittany’s curiosity about the project remains piqued, and she expressed a willingness to read the script if the opportunity arises. “I will read whatever,” she said, adding that Arielle and the team “worked really hard.”

Penn, on the other hand, was unsure of what role he could possibly play in a sequel but agreed that he’d be open to reading the script. “Never have I even thought of that as a potential thing, but I guess if there was a script, I would read it,” he mused. Reflecting on his original role, he added, “I’ve got the smallest role in the movie. I don’t know that I would belong in it anyway.”

While Brittany is interested in the project, she made it clear that she wouldn’t consider participating without Penn. “I’m not doing it if you’re not doing it,” she asserted.