Penn Badgley Doesn’t Want Us To Adore His ‘You’ Stalker Character

Catherine Michelle

January 11, 2019

Everyone’s talking about YOU – and for good reason. The American psychological thriller developed by the powerhouse team of Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble has everyone absolutely obsessed with its this-can-actually-really-happen-to-us-in-real-life premise.


And then there’s all the complex, interesting characters, made even more captivating by the stars’ incredible performances. Most especially Penn Badgley, who plays lead character – and YOU’s primo stalker! – Joe Goldberg.


Penn’s nuanced portrayal of Joe’s seemingly Mr. Nice Guy ways, with his stalker, murderous persona seeping in from just below the surface, is creepy good. And his beguiling face paired with voiceover work that is just the perfect amount of charming, snarky, and very scary? Amazing.


Penn’s getting a lot of raves for the role – all much deserved.


He’s also getting a lot of Joe love… and this isn’t sitting well for him, because Joe is a stalker, and people shouldn’t like a stalker. And he wants to get that message across – for his fans’ well-being and safety.


Penn’s been commenting on social media posts swooning over his character. Hilariously so, but also very on point. Check ‘em out –


One fan wrote:

“@PennBadgley kidnap me pls”


To which Penn replied:

“No thx”


Another compared Joe to Penn’s Gossip Girl character, Dan Humphrey:

“Okay but @PennBadgley was sexy as Dan but lord Joe is a whole new level.”


Penn completed the thought:

“…of problems, right?”


One fan said:

“no we love joe in this house”


And Penn answered:

“Which house is that? The House of Representatives? Ok no more puns. Thanks for the love but… you know what I’m sayin.”


Not all are mesmerized by Joe:

“the amount of people romanticizing @PennBadgley’s character in YOU scares me”


Which Penn  affirmatively said:

“Ditto. It will be all the motivation I need to season 2.”


BUT. Even that didn’t dissuade all the love for Penn’s stalker character:

“I’m telling u it’s ur face that does it. Ur gorgeous. I can see past that crazy sh*t lol.”


To this, Penn pleaded:

“But you’re supposed to see past my face TO the crazy sh*t! It’s the other way! The other wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhhyyyyggg :)”


To this comment:

“Said this already but @PennBadgley is breaking my heart once again as Joe. What is it about him?”


He responded:

“A: He is a murderer”


A fan replied to Penn’s “murderer” comment with:

“but we can do nothing if you’re a hot murderer lmao”


And Penn answered simply:

“Then we got nothing left. ‘Thanks 2019 but we’ll take the check plz’ – Humanity”


As we said earlier, some do get it right:

“I’ve never trusted anyone less than @PennBadgley”


Which Penn is totally on board with:

“My favorite feedback so far”




Seriously though, congratulations on a riveting performance, Penn!