Pete Davidson Directly Addresses Ariana Grande Break Up

Catherine Michelle

November 5, 2018

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Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s whirlwind romance began, played out, and ended within a span of a few months. And all in the public eye.

The two weren’t shy about their affections, showing their love via PDAs, vocal declarations of devotion, buying property and moving in together, and frequent social media posts about each other and their relationship.

They got engaged merely weeks after they began seeing each other. Ariana wrote a song about him on her Sweetener album. They got tattoos dedicated to and inspired by each other. They strongly defended each other from those criticizing their love.

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And then, in October, they broke up.

Since then, although they’ve both alluded in some ways to their breakup through cryptic posts and vague references, they never really spoke about their split in public. Until now.

On Saturday (November 03), Ariana rocked everyone’s world by releasing a hot new track called “Thank U, Next”.

In the song, she sings about her exes, including Pete – dropping names, sharing what they brought to her life, and acknowledging it all by thanking them for the woman she is now.

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That same day, the evening’s episode of Saturday Night Live, in which Pete is a cast member, he also finally spoke about him and Ariana parting ways, addressing their break up publicly for the first time.

The comedian got very candid and sweet about his former flame and their relationship. Here’s what happened:

Pete joined Colin Jost and Michael Che on ‘Weekend Update’. The comedian it seems came out to voice his opinions on congressional candidates running for re-election.

BUT, he also decided to address that other topic looming over him: Ariana.

First, it was with a coy, throwaway quip referencing their split that he stated at the start of the segment, when he told Josh that he didn’t used to care about politics, but “after I moved back in with my mom, i started paying attention to them.”

Pete then went on to discuss the candidates for the congressional races, before concluding his segment by saying a few words about his break up with the 25-year-old singer.

Speaking earnestly, Pete shared this very heartfelt, beautiful sentiment:

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“I know some of you are curious about the breakup, but the truth is, it’s nobody’s business, but sometimes things just don’t work and that’s OK. She’s a wonderful, strong person and I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world.”

Awwwww. What a sweet thing to say.

Pete’s positive, respectful comments come after a week in which we all saw him poke fun at their failed engagement on a teaser promo for SNL, and then we saw Ariana seemingly slamming him on social media for it, posting a series of tweets that have since-been deleted.

An insider told ET that making jokes about the split is just Pete’s way of trying to cope and move on with the heartbreak, saying:

“He’s obviously hurt it didn’t work out but is doing his best to move on. Anyone would be hurt after an engagement was broken off. Pete joked about him and Ariana [when they were together]. So joking about breaking up and their relationship is not new.”

We genuinely with both Ariana and Pete all the best.