Ryan Seacrest Took His First Sick Day In 17 Years!

Andie Manahan

April 9, 2019

Ryan Seacrest has been in every episode of American Idol since it kicked off in 2002. Every episode, until last night (April 8), that is.


Ryan has made a name for himself as the consummate host – and established himself as one of the hardest working men in show business. On top of his hosting gig on American Idol, he also juggles numerous jobs onscreen and on air.


So audiences were in for a surprise when they tuned in to Monday’s episode of AI (which was taped several weeks back) to find out that the 44-year-old star has taken his first sick day in 17 years!


In-house mentor and radio host Bobby Bones stood in for Ryan in the episode. “I am not Ryan Seacrest; I am Bobby Bones,” Bobby introduced himself to the audience, explaining, “Sadly, Ryan is sick, and I look most like him so they asked me to fill his shoes tonight.”


“Ryan, love you, buddy. Hope you get better,” he added.


Ryan’s AI co-stars, judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Combs, went on social media to give him some love as he recovers.


“Proof that @ryanseacrest is human after all 😱🤖 And it only took 17 years for you to use your sick day, not bad #AmericanIdol 💅🏻#getbettersoonryan,” Katy tweeted.


“Wow, @ryanseacrest missing an @AmericanIdol show day is crazy! Hardest working guy in the business! #AmericanIdol #IdolDuets,” Lionel wrote.


“@ryanseacrest we missed you for this one! Really thought you might be a robot but glad you’re feeling better. Haha #AmericanIdol,” Luke chimed in.


It’s not yet clear if this will be the only episode Ryan will miss on the show, but so far, that’s all Bobby has mentioned on his radio program, The Bobby Bones Show.


Bobby got a thoughtful gift from Ryan for his birthday on April 2 for “filling in his shoes.” The radio host shared what it was with his audience in a video posted by The Bobby Bones Show’s official Twitter account. “So Seacrest sent me these Jordans,” he said, showing off the shoes.


According to a post on the radio program’s website, the shoes came with a card from Ryan that said: “Thanks for filling in my shoes for me on American Idol.


He also revealed how he got tapped to step in.


“Monday, Ryan got sick and they were like, ‘hey, can you hop in as host?’” he recalled. “And that’s like going, ‘Hey, backup quarterback, we need you to jump in for Tom Brady real quick.'”



Last night’s episode was taped several weeks back, and Ryan doesn’t appear to be ailing from anything ATM. We certainly hope he’s feeling better now.