Taylor Swift And Sophie Turner Were Totally Twinning At A Joint Interview

Andie Manahan

May 24, 2019


Sophie Turner has a bangin’ new look.


The Game Of Thrones star got bangs to go with her blond locks – and she debuted it during her interview at the Graham Norton Show.


Guess who else has blond hair, bangs and was about to go on the same show at the exact same time? You got that right. Taylor Swift in the house, y’all!


Yep, Joe Jonas’ past and present just had a joint interview – and kinda ended up with twinning looks, too!


Taylor is set to perform her new single “ME!” on the show. And Sophie was there along with her X-Men: Dark Phoenix co-stars Jessica Chastain, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy to promote their movie.


Okay, let’s back up a little. Over a decade ago, Joe and Taylor were totally a thing. That was until he broke with her over the phone. IKR? Brutal. So, at the time, Taylor put him on blast on national TV and also wrote a song about it – “Forever And Always” from her Fearless album.


Fast forward to the present, Joe and Sophie just tied the knot in a surprise ceremony in Vegas on May 1 and Taylor has a hunky new man, who, ironically, is also named Joe (Alwyn). She also low-key apologized about dragging Joe that one time on Ellen.


“Probably when I, like, put Joe Jonas on blast on your show. That was too much, that was too much. I was 18, yeah,” she told host Ellen DeGeneres on her show last week. “We laugh about it now, but that was mouthy, yeah, some teenage stuff there.”


But it looks like it’s all water under the bridge now, ‘coz these two amazing gals just schooled everyone on how to handle what might be a majorly awkward sitch for some.


Tay shared a group photo of them on set, showing that the two ladies were totally chill and at ease with each other during the interview. The “ME!” songstress also gave and Sophie and her castmates a sweet shoutout.


“Feeling pretty lucky that I got to be a guest on the same night as @sophiet, Michael Fassbender, @Jessicachastain and @Jamesmcavoyrealdeal- They were all so sweet, now I want to just walk around yelling GO SEE DARK PHOENIX,” she wrote in the caption