Teala Dunn Gets Real About Realities Of Fame & Social Media

Andie Manahan

December 6, 2018

Photo by Brian Tampol


From the young girl on the series Are We There Yet? to a young woman with a successful career in acting, fashion and as a social media influencer, Teala Dunn has grown up in the spotlight.

At 22, she’s totally slaying onscreen and online – she recently launched her sunglass collection NEM X Teala Dunn, and currently stars in Guilty Party Season 2. She’s well on her way to the top – fearlessly forging her path and thankful for all the support of her millions of fans.

Teala’s opening up to POPSTAR! about her career, the realities of fame and social media, her favorite fan interactions and more. Check out an excerpt from her interview below:


POPSTAR!: How old are you when you started acting?

TEALA: I started acting when I was six years old. I always wanted to do it. And my older sister actually started acting before me, and I kind of wanted to follow into her footsteps. So, I kind of wanted to do whatever she was doing. But, I also loved being in front of the camera. My parents would take like digital photo – not digital – but, like, they would take Polaroids. My parents would take Polaroid pictures of me when I was a baby – and I loved it! I was always like “yes.” So, I loved being in front of the camera ever since I was a little girl and I started doing commercials and then I moved on into doing television like Law and Order and then I did the Wonder Pets and then everything just kind of fell into place.


POPSTAR!: How did you get started as a beauty and lifestyle blogger?

TEALA: So, I started creating YouTube content on the set of Are We There Yet? actually. Like, that’s when I really wanted to start doing it. I just have a lot of free time in between sets and takes and I was like “I want to film this.” So, I had a flip camera – if you guys remember flip cameras you know how long ago this was because like I feel like they’re not around anymore. But I would just bring my flip camera to work and like blog around on set. And then I would do like these really embarrassing music videos.

They’re on private. Don’t try to find them. They’re awful. But yeah, I don’t know. I just did it for fun. And then it became such a big thing when I discovered the beauty community of it, and I was like “I love this.”

I went shopping to Sephora, Bath & Body Works, and Victoria’s Secret. And I was like, “I want to show people what I bought.” And then, I later on realized that that’s called a haul – and it’s a huge thing! And so, I uploaded my very first haul and then just kept up with it in between shooting. And then, yeah, it just kind of took off.


POPSTAR!: What are the pros and cons of being a public figure?

TEALA: The pros is that I get to inspire others and meet my viewers on a daily basis. I mean, it makes my life so great. Whenever I go to the mall, whenever I go to an amusement park…I was just at Hollywood Horror Nights, and I met so many fans. And then I went to six and I met like 200 subscribers. It was insane! So, meeting my viewers in person just makes my day because a lot of times, you know, you’re just seeing comments on a screen or numbers on a screen. And you don’t realize that those numbers are people. And so it’s nice to put like a user name or a face to a user name.

I say the cons are a lot of times people compare themselves to others. And a lot of times people don’t realize that like somebody can be posting an Instagram story and it looks like they’re having the time of their lives. But, when they turn off that camera, like, they’re just sitting at home. So, a lot of times my viewers are like, “Oh my God, your life is so perfect” like, “my life sucks” or whatever. And I’m just like, “Don’t compare yourself to others at all because everything is not what it seems online. Like we all have bad days. We all struggle.”

And I feel like the comparison thing is like so bad right now especially on Instagram. People are just comparing themselves to different models or this person. And it’s like were all individuals and were all born unique for a reason. So, I just feel like keep that in mind. So, that’s definitely a con.

Also, there’s always going to be somebody that has something negative to say about you no matter what you do. But you just have to remember that those people do not know who you are and they don’t know you personally so you’re just “Oh, if they don’t know you personally don’t take it personal.” That was a good one. That’s a tweet. (laughs)


POPSTAR!: What are some of your most memorable fan interactions?

TEALA: Oh my God! There’s many! I met this one girl, Eliza, she’s Teala’s Cake on Twitter. Love her. I met her like two years ago at VidCon. And, after I met her, we took like all these meet-and-greet photos because she came to my meet-and-greet. And then, a year later, it was her birthday and she said all she wanted for her birthday was her mom to get a cake with the face – with the photo that we took from her meet-and-greet. And she literally DM’d me the photo of the cake – and it was a photo of us! And it just meant so much to me. I thought that was the cutest thing ever. And her profile picture is still us meeting. So, the little things like that are just incredible.

And I have yet to meet Teala’s Biscuits. She’s from Greece. And shout out to Teala’s Biscuits, I’m coming soon – but there’s so many! Yeah, so, that was a good one. Shoutout to Teala’s Cake!

Find out how Teala Dunn is taking it all the way to the top.

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