The Spice Girls Open Up About Touring Without Victoria

Andie Manahan

November 8, 2018

Viva forever, #friendshipgoals!


The Spice Girls are showing us how it’s done.


On November 5, Mel B (Sporty Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) and Mel C (Sporty Spice) dropped an exciting news that got fans all ready to slam their bodies down and zig-a-zig-ah – The Spice Girls are reuniting for a six-show tour next summer!


Sadly, Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), won’t be joining them, but she’s totally supportive of her bandmates – and even wrote a sweet message for them on Instagram.


“Today marks a special day for the girls as they announce the first tour dates since we performed together in 2012! I won’t be joining my girls on stage again but being in the Spice Girls was a hugely important part of my life and I wish them so much love and fun as they go back on tour next year. I know they will put on an amazing show and the fantastic fans past and present are going to have a wonderful time! X vb #spicegirls #friendshipneverends”



But how do the girls feel about Posh not joining them on tour?


Scary, Sporty, Baby and Ginger open up about touring as a quartet on the Heart Breakfast radio show, which Emma co-hosts.


“It is tough,” Mel C admitted, talking about having to make the decision to tour without Victoria. She and Mel B were also quick to reassure everyone that Victoria “still is” a huge part of the band.


“There were times…I wasn’t sure, and we really support each other and the decisions that we make and we really support her and she’s really supporting us. And I think that’s a big part of our ethos,” Mel C said.


Looks like there’s no bad blood here. Women supporting women is what it’s all about y’all.


But Mel B is still holding out hope that Posh will join them. “She’s joining us in Wembley on June 14,” she joked on the show, hoping to speak it into existence.


This won’t the first time the group will be going on as a quartet. When Geri left the group in 1998 to go solo, they continued on as a foursome for two years before going their separate ways. And they’ve been known to reunite from time to time – the latest was in 2012 when all five of them performed at the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics.


It’s been 25 years since The Spice Girls began and their bond really seems to go deep.


While fans are gearing up for the tickets to go on sale this Saturday (November 10), it’s time to crunch some numbers.


Sporty, Scary, Baby and Ginger are reportedly making $550,000 per show, according to TMZ. That comes up to a total of $3.2 Million for each of them for the six shows they’ll be doing – not bad for a week’s worth of work, am I right?


There are rumors going around that they could make even more, though. How? Right now, all their shows will be in the U.K. (the ladies have confirmed Glastonbury is NOT part of the tour despite rumors). BUT if their shows sell well enough, there could be a second leg of the tour – outside the the U.K.!


OMG! We’re so totally keeping our fingers crossed for that.