Willie Jones On Tour Life With Cameron Dallas & Shawn Mendes

Andie Manahan

December 4, 2018

Meet Willie Jones.

Photo by Jordan Margolin


His name might sound familiar, and you might know quite a few people named Willie Jones. But this 24-year-old Shreveport, Louisiana native is an artist all his own, setting him apart from his namesakes who have also made their marks in sports, music and politics.

With his deep deep voice, country singer Willie Jones made an impression on both L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell when he first stepped on the X Factor stage singing “Your Man” by Josh Turner. At the time, he was only 17.

Music has always been his passion. And, soon after gaining recognition on the reality show, he was making his own music and hitting the road with Cameron Dallas and other artists on the Magcon Tour. And he’s opening up to POPSTAR! about the experience.

“Tour life was crazy,” he says with a laugh. “You got a bunch of young men, and we just travelling…Like literally, everywhere, we had so much fun. Yeah, it was a really good time.”

Even though he has never met any of them before going on the tour, he recalls having a good time. He even got to share the stage with a then-up-and-coming artist Shawn Mendes, along with other talents. And, when he had his first meet and greet, “I went and I was like, ‘Yo, this is kinda fun.’”

Touring made a lasting impact on Willie. “Just getting to travel, and sing my songs, and connect with fans…It was cool,” he says. “Just seeing the world, man, at such a young age. We went to Europe and Puerto Rico and all these places – Paris, New Zealand, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland. Then, we just went to a lot of places in the States.”

“Yeah, we just made a lot of good memories, for sure,” he adds.

Among all the places they visited, there were a few places that remain close to his heart.

“Barcelona!” he reveals. “It was really cool. Just that it was beautiful and the fans were really loving and just like, hardcore. They were cool.”

“Cologne, Germany,” he continues. “I mean, that place was cool,” he says, praising the fans and the energy they brought. “It was wild.”

Being on the Magcon Tour, he ended up becoming part of Cameron Dallas’ Netflix show, Chasing Cameron.

“So, Chasing Cameron was a docu-series based on Cameron Dallas’ life. But, at the time they were filming, he was on tour at Magcon. So, like 80 percent of the shots was like what was going on on the road,” he explains to POPSTAR!

“Yeah, it was a cool experience. I remember they told us we were getting on Netflix. I was like ‘Whaaat? I might be on Netflix? That’s dope!’” he recalls, admitting, “First, I remember it being very weird having the cameras around all the time.”

Now, Willie Jones is on the rink of becoming a phenomenon. He’s been writing and recording in Nashville, making a name for himself with songs inspired by real-life event that listeners can easily connect with. Earlier this year, he dropped his anthemic track “Runs In Our Blood” that has resonated with fans and listeners alike.


He’s also out with an acoustic mixtape called Road Waves, led by the single “Windows Down.” And he’s sharing the inspiration for his lead track with POPSTAR!

“The story behind it was just, at the time, I was dating a girl, and there was a lot of stuff going on in the news and there was a lot of stuff going on in my life at the time,” he told us. “Me and her, we just had a great relationship. And I was like, ‘Girl, let’s just get out of town, go somewhere we used to chill.’ Ride with the windows down, just ride away from all the worries of the world.”

Find out how Willie Jones is making big waves with his Southern charm.

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