Here’s Why Hilarie Burton Is Leaving ‘One Tree Hill’ Rewatch Podcast – And Who Will Replace Her



Fans of the “One Tree Hill” rewatch podcast, Drama Queens, are in for a change as Hilarie Burton has decided to step down. The 42-year-old actress, known for her role as Peyton Sawyer on the beloved teen drama, has been co-hosting the podcast alongside her former co-stars Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz.

On the June 24 episode of Drama Queens, the trio wrapped up their discussion of the final episode featuring Hilarie and her on-screen husband Chad Michael Murray as regular cast members. It was a nostalgic moment for fans, marking the end of an era in the podcast. Just two weeks later, on the July 8 episode, Hilarie announced her departure from the rewatch series.

Hilarie explained her decision with heartfelt clarity, sharing that the podcast aimed to provide “behind-the-scenes stories” and offer context about the show’s production, which she found “healing and empowering.” She elaborated, “I’ve reached the end of my behind-the-scenes experience on the show and started to question what I brought to this, but also how we keep that storytelling alive and important.” Recognizing that her insights had a natural endpoint, she decided it was time for a new perspective to continue the podcast’s journey into the later seasons.

As the podcast approaches Seasons 7 through 9, Hilarie felt it was crucial to introduce a new voice who could continue the legacy. She mentioned, “It was important that we introduced a new queen who could take over for me.” Despite stepping back, Hilarie reassured fans that she would still “pop in here and there,” contributing to the show occasionally – and expressed their goal to find a new co-host “who represented the same things that I’ve brought to this show.”

The new host stepping in to fill Hilarie’s shoes is Robert Buckley, who joined “One Tree Hill” in Season 7 as Clay Evans, a sports agent and significant character in the later seasons. Robert’s character brought new dynamics to the show, and his real-life connection to the cast makes him a fitting choice to carry forward the podcast.

The Drama Queens team expressed their excitement about the new addition on social media, stating, “We are so thrilled to have Robert joining us on this journey and we are so excited to watch alongside him!! New episode is out now on all platforms! 💕” This enthusiastic endorsement underscores the team’s confidence that Robert will bring a fresh and engaging perspective to the rewatch experience.

Hilarie’s departure marks a significant shift for Drama Queens, but it also opens up new opportunities for storytelling and engagement with the show’s later seasons. Robert Buckley’s involvement is expected to bring new energy and insights, enriching the podcast for both longtime fans and new listeners.

Hilarie’s heartfelt farewell and Robert’s warm welcome ensure that Drama Queens will remain a beloved companion for “One Tree Hill” fans, offering fresh insights and cherished memories for episodes to come.