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EXCLUSIVE: Caity Lotz Spills On What’s To Come On “Legends Of Tomorrow”

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Photo: Brendan Meadows/The CW

We caught up with Legends of Tomorrow star, Caity Lotz, to get the inside scoop on what’s to come! The actress spilled on behind-the-scenes moments, which Arrow star will be appearing in an upcoming episode, and SO much more! Check out her Q&A below and don’t forget to tune into Legends of Tomorrow every Thursday at 8 p.m. on The CW! :)

Let’s talk Legends of Tomorrow! We’re hooked. What is it about the show that made you want to be apart of it?
I was already so invested into my character from Arrow and the chance to bring her back to life to travel through time and space kicking @ss was too good to pass up.

Fans have been showing an overwhelming amount of love for the season premiere. What has the reaction been like for you?
We’ve been shooting for a while so it’s great to finally be able to share the show with everyone and see their reactions to it. It’s crazy driving around LA and seeing the billboards for the show up all over town. My friends keep sending me pictures of the advertising and are like “your face is on my bus!”

Without having to give too much away, what should fans expect from upcoming episodes? Any appearances by The Flash / Arrow cast?
I hope I’m allowed to say this, we will see OLIVER QUEEN in an upcoming episode. It was so fun to work with Stephen again and the situation our characters are in is crazy.

Are there any memorable behind-the-scenes moments you can share with us from filming?
The episode we just finished was pretty fun. I got to play with 6 shooter guns and ride a horse. Though filming a scene on a horse is a lot harder than I thought!

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like Sara and Snart seem to get along pretty well! What’s it like working with Wentworth Miller?
Wentworth is wonderfully kind and amazing to work with. Him and I both love seeing the fans with their #captaincanary shipping. We’re always trying to fit some flirting for our characters in here and there.

What’s something about filming the show that fans might be surprised to know?
The show is really fun to film but it can be really really hard. We usually have 14 hour days and a lot of those are outside in the rain and freezing cold. And supersuits aren’t the warmest!

Although the cast is already fantastic, do you have a dream guest-star for it? What kind of role would you have them play?
Rebel Wilson to play an evil villain.

What’s something you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
Learn how to play the Ukulele

You have a huge following on social media – what’s the best way for a fan to get your attention on Twitter and/or Instagram?
I’d suggest not just typing “notice me!!” which people do a lot, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to say back to that. I always look at fan art I’m tagged in, notes people write to me, and funny clever tweets I love.

Do you have any current obsessions? (Ex: books/movies/shows)
Aziz Ansari’s show “Master of None”

Any special message for your fans?
I want you guys to be happy SOOO… something that has helped me a lot in my life has been learning control my thoughts. Our thoughts are what become our feelings, so if you don’t like the way you feel, change the way you think. You get to decide that, but it takes some work to be able to get a hold of your brain. It’s worth it :)

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MUSIC NEWS: Roshon Fegan Announces New Label & Single!

First things first: Roshon is KILLING the music game right now! The 24-year-old multitalented star just announced some major music news (HIS OWN RECORD LABEL!) and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. ELEVATE, a space created for songwriters, artists, and performers to grow, has already become home to two incredible artists: Jaxon & Alexiis! As if the news wasn’t exciting enough, all THREE of these awesome artists have released new singles today! Roshon’s “So Bad,” Jaxon’s “4 My,” and Alexiis’ “Heaven” has been on a constant loop on our iTunes and after listening to them, you’ll understand why:

Check out the cover art for each of the singles:

So Bad Cover#4My CoverHeaven Cover
We’re SO excited to hear more from them!

The Ladies of PLL Put Each Other to The Ultimate Test

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Pretty Little Liars sweethearts, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario and Sasha Pieterse put each other through the ultimate lie detector test. Each PLL is put in the hot seat while the rest of them grill them with their hardest questions!

We finally get to see if each girl is a real pretty little liar or just puts on an act for the show. There may even be something that excites the Emison shippers! We are seriously obsessed with this video and it may be our favorite interview yet!

Watch how they break a sweat and try to answer the intense questions!

What was your favorite part of the video!? Which liar made you LOL the most? Let us know in the comments!

EXCLUSIVE: A Great Big World Dish On Upcoming Kaleidoscope Tour!

We caught up with A Great Big World to get the inside scoop on their upcoming tour! Chad and Ian told us all about their favorite songs from their recently-released album, When The Morning Comes, what fans can expect from their live shows, and the best way for fans to get their attention on social media. Check out their Q&A below and don’t forget to buy tix for their tour at :)

What songs from When The Morning Comes are you most excited to start performing live on tour?
I would say, for me, it’s “Oasis” because it’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written with Chad. We worked on that one with MoZella, who also wrote Wrecking Ball, and she’s an incredible artist and writer and so I’m really proud of it. I would also say “One Step Ahead” because it’s a really personal song to me and I get excited to share that side of myself. We’re very honest people and we like tearing down our own walls and sharing parts of ourselves that are pretty hidden and secret. – Ian
I would say that once we do a week of rehearsals and master all these songs, I think I’ll be most excited about “Won’t Stop Running” and “Where Does The Time Go”. I feel like those two are the most personal to me. “Wont Stop Running” is about my MS journey and “Where Does The Time Go” is just about us feeling like we’re getting older. Everybody feels those things and those words I’m really excited to share these songs because they’re truthful. – Chad

What can fans expect from a live show? Any surprise guests?
I think that our live show is a little bit theatrical and kind of a bit more rocking than the album. I look like Animal from The Muppets when I play the piano, LOL. There might be some surprise guests; we might collaborate with our openers in some way.- Ian
We’re definitely trying to get Futuristic out on the road with us, at some point, whenever he’s around. My goal for this is to have a stage set up that is as colorful as possible and I am looking forward to dressing up very colorfully. – Chad

~If you haven’t heard AGBW’s collab with Futuristic, here it is!~
What are some of your ultimate tour must-haves?
I would say ear plugs, an eye mask, and lavender oil because I’m a light sleeper and I need all of those things to sleep! I got this thing called a Mini Lumio which is like a mini book lamp. You open it up and the pages are just lit up! It’s basically like a pocket light you can bring anywhere. When we’re traveling, most places have terrible lighting! – Chad

What’s something about tour life that fans would be surprised to know?
We don’t really ever go out after the show. We really try to take care of ourselves and our bodies and our voices. Sometimes the entire band meditates in the bus before the show. – Ian

Have you had any crazy/memorable fan encounters?
We played at an outside venue once and after the show, we were walking back to the bus to freshen up and there were hundreds of people running at us. We didn’t know what to do so we started running and ran into the bus, LOL! All the fans were waiting for us outside and singing our songs, it was pretty awesome. – Chad
Yup! I was smelly and sweaty after the show so I made sure to change before going out to meet the fans, LOL! – Ian

Do you have a favorite city to perform in?
I would say New York shows are pretty awesome because it’s our hometown. Also, when we were in Tokyo! It was so surreal for us to be on the other side of the world in a culture that’s very different than ours and connecting with people through our music. It was an incredible feeling! – Ian
I would say Salt Lake City is probably my favorite place. Every time we go there, the fans are incredibly supportive and singing every single word of our songs. It just feels so good to perform there. – Chad

What’s the most-played song on your iTunes at the moment?
The most-played thing on my iTunes is actually an album! It’s “A Different Ship” by Here We Go Magic. – Ian
I found an artist on a Twitter commercial, her name is Tkay Maidza. She’s incredible. I don’t really know what she’s doing right now but her song “U-huh” is super cool and that’s been on repeat for me. – Chad

What’s something you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
I’m getting married and going on our honeymoon. It’s going to be exciting! Also, getting this musical that we’re working on on it’s feet. And touring all around the world again! – Ian
The musical is my biggest goal this year. I’m really excited to wrap that up and share the music with everyone.- Chad

What’s the best way for a fan to get your attention going on social media?
I feel like the best way is humor. Whenever something is funny and makes me laugh, I usually reply to whoever sent it. – Ian
That’s a really good question! I don’t think I respond to people who spam – if it’s humorous, it’ll catch my attention! I also like the emotional ones that kinda pull on our heartstrings. Those are so moving and remind us why we do what we’re doing. – Chad

Any special message for your fans?
You guys always remind us of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. You guys remind us that we’re not alone and whenever you guys write about how we’re helping us, know that it’s mutual. Your ability and willingness to connect to our songs is helping us and is the most fulfilling feeling in the world. We’re just so grateful that we have you guys. – Ian
We cannot wait to see you on tour – we love you! – Chad

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Ashley Benson Speaks Up Against Being “Too Fat” For Roles

Health Magazine

Health Magazine

Pretty Little Liar’s star, Ashley Benson is known for her witty comments as Hanna Marin on the hit ABC Family show as well as her former persona, “Hefty Hanna.” Ashley has portrayed a character who has struggled with her weight throughout past seasons of PLL but in real life – she is perfectly content with her body.

Ashley recently covered Health Magazine and spoke up about how she deals with negative comments about her weight. While auditioning for roles she is faced with remarks about her weight and body type. She shares, “I get told all the time to lose weight. I got that a month ago. It’s just weird. With my stuff recently, it’s been, ‘You have to be skin and bones or you’re not getting it.'”

Thankfully, Ashley doesn’t buy into any of that nonsense. “It’s come up a few times in the last few years, like, ‘You’re too fat for this.’ And I’m just sitting here like, ‘Wait, what? Do you want a skeleton?’ But I feel good. I don’t want to lose 20 pounds, because I don’t need to…There was a point where it was getting to where a size 2 was great. I’m a size 2, but I think that a size 4 is healthy. I think that all of these sizes are healthy,” she stated in her recent interview.

We think the way Ashley reacts to the (ridiculous & untrue) negative comments about her weight is amazing. The way she stands up for herself and stays proud of her own body is one of the reason so many people look up to her, including us!

People need people like Ashley to speak up about this topic and take a stand against body shaming. It’s so important for everyone to feel proud of their bodies just like Ashley does!

What did you guys think of what Ashley said? Do you agree with her? Let us know in the comments!