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Cody Simpson Talks About His Love Life!

Cody and his gf, the gorgeous Gigi Hadid, couldn’t be any cuter! The two are very supportive of one another and Gigi even makes a cameo in Cody’s latest ‘Surfboard’ music video! But for those of you wondering whatever happened with Cody and his former flame, Kylie Jenner, Dana and Jason from 106.1 WBLI got Mr. Simpson to spill the beans for you all! Hear just how the break up went down:

“Honestly, just the same way anyone would!” Cody exclaimed.  ”Certainly not ” through a text message.  He broke up with Kylie FACE TO FACE!  ”Always.  You have to.  We had a long conversation.  I went to her house.  We are still friends, actually.  I never want any tension.”

We’re glad to hear that the two are still friends! :)

Hear the whole interview right here: CODY TALKS BREAKUP WITH KYLIE!


P.S Check out Cody’s “Surfboard” music video right here which features an appearance by Gigi!

Meet Nina Nesbitt!

If Nina Nesbitt isn’t on your radar, it’s time to change that! The 19-year-old Scottish singer/songwriter is the real deal and we’re so excited about her tunes and future in the music biz! Her debut album, Peroxide, was released in the UK early February and earned Nina her second Top 40 single, with “Selfies”. The album isn’t available in the U.S just yet, but you can jam out to her EP until it is! Nina took part in this year’s “SXSW” festival and she killed it. Check out her performance of “Stay Out” (which we can’t get off repeat by the way) :

Nina even had a free acoustic show in Central Park earlier this month where an overwhelming amount of fans showed up to support her! She sang songs off her album, and even some brand new ones! It was SO good! We have no doubt that she’ll be taking over the music biz soon, one song at a time!

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