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EXCLUSIVE: Niki & Gabi DeMartino Spill On Beauty, Skincare & More!

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(Photo via @nikidemar)
We caught up with our fave beauty YouTubers, Niki and Gabi DeMartino! The twins spilled on their go-to looks, must-have beauty products, and so much more! Check out the answers below and don’t forget to subscribe to their channel so you can stay up to date on everything!

1. A lot of our readers have just begun wearing makeup – any advice for beginners?
Less is more. We look back at pictures when we first started to wear make-up, and we were so young covering our natural, youthful beauty! Trust us, you’ll regret it looking back at old pictures, asking yourself why you wore so much make up!

2. What’s your go-to, day-to-day look?
I go to my half up/half down hairstyle, an oversized crew neck sweatshirt, some leggings and my pink uggs! -Gabi
I go to my long lose waves (super easy to do with a curling iron in the morning), mascara, t-shirt, and leggings “look” – Niki

3. What does your skincare routine consist of? How can girls who don’t have a routine, start one?
Mine consists of a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. If you don’t have a routine, I suggest doing some research to find out what products are best for your skin. – Gabi
Mine is super easy! I just keep my clarisonic and a cleanser in the shower so that when I wash my hair and body, I’m also reminded to wash my face, and so that my pores completely open up. When hot water is applied to your face, and you’re in a hot/damp environment, your pores open up, making the cleanse more thorough, cleaning your pores out better. – Niki

4. What are some must-have products that every girl needs in her makeup bag?
Concealer!- Gabi
Mascara! – Niki

5. How would you describe your personal style? What are your favorite stores to shop at?
Mine is definitely more girly than Niki. I love light pink, lavenders, lace, pearls, with a touch of the 50’s. My favorite stores are vintage/antique shops where I can find the cutest and girliest pieces of clothing that can’t be found at another store. – Gabi
My style is definitely more trendy with a hipster/urban vibe. I love trying whatever’s in style, and I’m not scared to take fashion risks. I wear that piece of clothing you walk by in Forever 21 and ask to yourself, “I wonder who would wear that?” My favorite stores are Free people and Urban Outfitters! – Niki

6. What’s the most-played song on your iTunes right now?
Confident- Demi Lovato (we both are obsessed)

7. Do you guys have any current obsessions? (Ex: books/movies/tv shows)
Scream Queens and Halloween movies!

8. What’s the best way for fans to get your attention on Twitter?
“Post pictures of Lily (our dog I am so obsessed with)”- Gabi
“Just post a random tweet. I see a lot of similar things in my mentions, so when someone posts something really funny and random, I have to retweet, favorite, or reply…Sometimes even follow!” – Niki

9. So many people subscribe watch your videos everyday – are there any YouTubers that YOU watch videos of everyday?
We watch all our friends’ videos on YouTube! From Alisha, to Mia, to Eva.. it’s always so fun to catch up on their lives through a video and be like “that’s such a good idea!”

10. What kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to start putting themselves out there and post YouTube videos?
We both advise the key to putting yourself out in the world of YouTube is to be different, and be yourself.

This Dance Video Features James Bay’s “Let It Go” & We’re OBSESSED.

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Get ready to be amazed because this viral dance video is EVERYTHING. The video, “James Bay – Let it Go – Dance I A Breakup Story,” features So You Think You Can Dance’s finale choreographer Talia Favia and Madonna’s lead dancer, Chaz Buzan. So many people have been covering James’ song (hello, Hailee Steinfeld!) and we think is a beautiful interpretation of the song! The video has gotten over 200k+ views overnight and has over 900k+ views to date! It tells a beautiful and moving story – a must watch!

EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know W.I.T.S Academy’s Jailen Bates!

WITS ACADEMY SEASON 1 GALLERY: Pictured: Ben (Jailen James Allen Bates) in WITS ACADEMY SEASON 1 on Nickelodeon. Photo: Aaron Warkov/Nickelodeon. © 2015 Viacom International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Aaron Warkov/Nickelodeon.

We caught up with W.I.T.S Academy star, Jailen Bates, to get the inside scoop on the upcoming show! The actor dished on how he’s spending premiere night, funny BTS moments, and his favorite songs at the moment. Check out the answers below and don’t forget to tune into WITS next week (10/5) at 7 p.m on Nickelodeon! :)

1. We are super excited for the W.I.T.S Academy premiere next month! How do you plan on celebrating premiere night?
I am super excited too! I would love to watch the premiere with the entire cast but we are not going to all be together. I am hoping to hang out with at least one of them. I know I’m going to be glued to the TV with popcorn and a cool drink.

2. Can you tell us a bit about the show and your character?
W.I.T.s Academy has a lot of magic! The show is a spinoff from of Every Witch Way. My name is Ben on the show and I am a W.I.T. (Wizard in Training). The Academy is a school for Witches/Wizards in training. We are on teams and I am on Andi and Jessie’s team! There is drama and funny parts. So many cool things happen!

3. Are there any funny behind-the-scenes moments you can share with us from set?
We can be so silly behind the scenes! We have fun, mess up but keep laughing. There was a time when Julia Antonelli (Jessie) and I were being silly in front of the cameras and I fell down. That’s on one of the promos. Talk about funny!

4. How do you and your cast mates like to bond when you’re not filming?
We are like so cool , like family now. We hang out all the time! The big kids and little kids. We swim, make smores, play games, go to movies, have parties. I couldn’t ask for a better cast.

5. How do you like spending your free time? Any cool hobbies?
I really like traveling, especially on cruise ships! I also like to make films with my big brother. I am trying to learn how to edit like he does. I also swim, play video games and l like to sing for fun.

6. If you could have anyone guest star on the show, who would it be? What kind of role would they have?
Answer: I would love to have Nick Cannon guest star. He would be a cool wizard!

7. What’s a movie that you can watch over and over again without ever getting tired of it?
I love Paul Blart Mall Cop. I can watch that movie over and over again. I also love Grown Ups.

8. What’s a song that you absolutely love at the moment?
Wow I have a few. Nick Jonas “Jealous”, Silento’s “Watch Me”, Rachel Platten’s, “Fight Song”. I enjoy all types of music including songs from theatre!

9. What’s something you wish to achieve by the end of the year?
Honestly, I hope to get straight As in school and to reunite with the cast from W.I.T.s Academy.

10. Any special message for your new fans?
Yes. To stay focused on your goals and never give up on them. I hear so many kids say they want to act and I understand because it’s my dream too. But whatever they want they should keep trying and train! Also, I want everybody to stay tuned for a magical adventure starting October 5th on Nickelodeon! Watch every weeknight for something new!


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Little Mix Covers 1D!


Nobody can deny that they’ve had “Drag Me Down” on repeat since it came out because let’s face it we can never really get enough of the One Direction boys. But have you guys heard Little Mix cover it? Because we are OBSESSED! The girls stopped by CapitalFM to play “Instaoke” where the ladies had to instantly karaoke to randomly selected tunes that including the classic “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls, “On My Mind” by Ellie Goulding, and our favorite “Drag Me Down” by One Direction.

Check it out and let us know which cover was your favorite!


Youtube: Made In America 2
Instagram: Little Mix