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Taylor Swift Opens Up About Her Biggest Fears!

(photo via @taylorswift)
While on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Taylor opened up about what scares her the most. While we would probably bbs scared of bugs and scary movies, Taylor brought it to the next level.. She’s terrified of sea urchins & getting framed for a crime she didn’t commit! LOL! Watch what she had to say:

P.S, in case you missed it, Swift performed on Jimmy Kimmel last night and needless to say, she killed it! Watch her performances of ‘Shake It Off’ and ‘Out of The Woods’! Just THREE more days till the 1989 release! Pre-order here.


Youtube Sensation Megan Nicole’s Next Single Is To Be “Fun”

Are you a fan of Megan Nicole yet?  Well you should be!   We have been ever since her Youtube days. The rising pop star recently  confirmed that the next single off of her EP  ”Escape”’ is titled  ”Fun.”

Following the track’s promotion, Megan will also be releasing an official  music video, too.  Our sources say it may arrive as early as the end of this week.

Just yesterday, Megan took to Twitter that she is working on an acoustic version of  the song ‘Electrified’, too’—which we are super excited to hear since the original version is so…well,  electrifying!  We think it’s  got a great dance beat and  fun synths.  What do you think?

‘Escape’ is currently available on iTunes for download!