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Exclusive: Sam DeRosa Talks ‘Thrills,’ Fashion, & MORE

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We caught up with singer-songwriter Sam DeRosa to chat all about her newest single ‘Thrills,’ what the songwriting process is usually like for her and so, SO much more! Check out her Q&A and listen to ‘Thrills’ below! :)

Tell us about your song ‘Thrills’! How did that come about for you? What’s the story behind the song?
Oddly enough, I walked into the session thinking that we were writing for another artist! We were planning on writing a pitch for a major label. Eventually, we all got to talking and sharing ideas, and I had come in with a chorus idea (original called “THRILL”). It was based on my own life experiences. The idea was that I had been SO focused on getting “there,” wherever that is, that I was willing to rush the process for a quick fix. I found myself afraid to let loose because I was too set on an end goal. I was letting EVERYTHING get to me, and starting losing sight of why I was doing music in the first place. In the room, I talked a lot about rejection and the fear of being perfect. Eventually we started thinking of more universal scenarios. We focused on not coming across as “cheesy,” which is so hard to do sometimes. Eventually, we wound up telling a story of our struggles with trying to make it in life and in music. I was SO happy when we finished it. It felt like I was screaming my truth from a mountaintop! It truly felt like ME, and that was such a cool feeling.

What’s the songwriting process usually like for you?
Songwriting is such an honest, vulnerable experience. It’s really the only way that I can explain how I perceive the world. I started when I was 8 and I have never stopped. This is such an interesting question because, lately, I have two processes! I always carry a pencil and tiny journal with me, just in case. Also, my cell phone is loaded with both Voice Memos and a NOTES App full ideas that I called “song seeds.” Song seeds are one liners, concepts, or title ideas that I write down and come back to when I’m not on the go. Sometimes, I can’t stop and I’ll wind up writing a whole song outline right there, but I usually go back and read it through at a later time. Overall, it’s either a lyric idea or melody that I can’t stop singing, so I record it and listen later!

Can fans expect a music video for the song anytime soon?
You will have to wait and see! ☺

What else do you have coming up for the rest of the year?
There is SO much music coming. I am so excited about these songs that my heart kind of does cartwheels when I think about it. “Thrills” is the first of many, let’s just say that!

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
My influences change every few months, honestly! It changes SO much! My parents were in a band together for most of my life, so it went from Rock, to Pop, to R&B, and back again.

What’s a song you love that you wish you wrote?
Actually, I don’t! I feel like if I wrote it, I wouldn’t be here writing the songs I have now. But I WOULD say it would be killer to have written a Christmas song, haha ☺

How can fans get your attention on social media?
I LOVE getting tagged in photos. I really like when they make videos singing and dancing to my songs. That is so incredible.

Do you have any current obsessions? (ex: books/movies/tv shows)
I read the entire Twilight series in less than a week! I love Netflix. I think it’s the greatest thing since Nutella!

How would you describe your personal style? Fave stores to shop at?
I like affordable but trendy! I think it’s cool when your clothes don’t say the store name. I say: Topshop, Forever 21, TOBI, and H&M.

If you could raid any celeb’s closet, whose would it be?
OH that is a tough one! I would say the Jenner sisters and JoJo from the Bachelorette!

What are some of your must-have beauty products?
A good moisturizer, mascara, and CC cream! I love CoverFX and Smashbox.

What’s something you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list?
I want to play the JingleBall tour! I love Christmas !

Special message for your fans?
You’ll always be considered my friends, not fans! I can’t thank you enough for starting this crazy journey with me. Keep believing, keep pushing, and don’t ever give up on a dream. Let’s support each other and keep spreading love ☺

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PREMIERE: Dela Kay’s “9 Out Of 10″ Lyric Video!

We lovelovelove introducing you all to awesome new artists and today, it’s all about Dela Kay! We’ve got the exclusive premiere of her new lyric video for her single, “9 Out Of 10,” and here’s what we can tell you: YOU’RE GOING TO HIT THE REPLAY BUTTON OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Check it out below and keep reading for her Q&A!

Tell us about “9 out of 10” – what’s the story behind the song? What does it mean to you?
“9 Out of 10″ was the first song out of many songs that my producer, Femke Weidema, and I wrote that was very different from my other songs. Most of my previous work has been darker electronic pop, and when we wrote this one, it took on a style of its own with a fun and quirky nature, inspired by a lot of hip-hop I had been listening to. I was in a very controlling and negative relationship at the time with someone who I had been musically involved with. I felt like they were controlling me as a person and telling me what I could and couldn’t do with my music. It definitely speaks true to a love gone sour, but it’s also about moving onward and upward. Sometimes you have to let people and situations go that negatively affect your life. The only person who can tell you how to be yourself and live your own life, is yourself. We should all live in our uniqueness. Anyone who comes between that, isn’t worth having around. I love to surround myself with people who are good and add positivity and light to my life, and that’s all you really need for happiness.

What’s the songwriting process usually like for you?
My producer, Femke Weidema, and I have written a bunch of songs together over the course of the last couple years and they are finally beginning to surface, which is extremely exciting! Whether we are writing together or I am writing on my own, I usually like to start by picking the topic or theme I want to write about and get very specific. Once I have that strong idea in my mind, I like to come up with a sound and vibe. I like writing on piano most often, and from there I translate it to a synth and add a drum loop. After that, I build vocals and production from there. I love being able to mess around with different sounds on my keyboard. It gives me a lot of freedom to express and create something new I don’t already have. The process for me, has been very successful!

When can fans expect the actual music video? Do you already know the concept for it?
I created the lyric video initially to have my single be introduced and move forward from there. I’m actually working on my second single and the music video for that currently. So, as soon as that’s done, I will probably end up going back and creating a music video for “9 Out of 10″. I have a couple ideas in mind for the video, but one thing for sure is that I want it to have a fun and carefree nature, and create it with friends. The song is all about moving forward and surrounding yourself by good in your life, and I feel like having dear friends involved would make it that much sweeter.

Any plans on heading out on a nationwide tour anytime soon?
I’m currently touring around the Midwest and plan to book a nationwide tour in the new year. I have so many new songs that I’ve been dying to play, so I’m really looking forward to getting out there and more importantly, meeting new people along the way. I believe it’s all about the journey, and I’m very excited for this new beginning.

Do you have any current obsessions? (ex: books/movies/tv shows)
Honestly, in my off time, I’m in the studio or writing new songs in my bedroom. But when I have a break, I’ve been binge watching Bates Motel. I mean, come on, it’s so good! The characters are crazy and I love shows with suspense. Other than that, if I am in a city like Chicago or New York city, I love to see Broadway shows. I grew up doing acting, dancing and musical theater and studied it at a conservatory for my bachelor’s degree, so it’s still a huge part of my heart.

Who are some artists you’re currently loving?
Lately, I’ve really gotten into listening to Banks. I love her new album! It’s dark and unbelievably sincere in my opinion. I really respect someone who can be really open and honest with their emotions. I think her new album portrays that beautifully. I always love listening to Ellie Goulding, she will forever be a favorite of mine. And Jon Bellion! His work recently has been so amazing. He is so much fun to listen to and has such a distinct sound.

How can fans get your attention on social media?
Please comment and message me via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! I always love talking and getting to know new people. That’s the easiest way to communicate with me, and I try my best to respond to everyone. I’m also always looking for new people to follow and new music to listen to, so they can always feel free to tag me in posts as well.

Special message for your fans?
Thank you so much for conditionally supporting me and giving me so much love on this new journey. My songs are created from a real and true place and are solely for you. Thank you for opening your hearts and your ears. I hope to get more out to you here very soon! Love you <3


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Exclusive: Rebecca Black Talks Current Obsessions & MORE

Rebecca-Black-8379_EMR_OPTION D (For Web Only)
Do you have any memorable fan encounters/stories that you can share?
Yes, there was a moment on Digitour last year when this adorable young  girl and her dad came to a meet and greet. She seemed to be a bit shy and quiet but my team had been talking to her dad, and it turned out that her mom had just passed away. I thought it was so special that her Dad brought her to a concert so that she could have a little bit of celebration before Christmas.

What was the first concert you ever went to? Any stand-out moments/memories?
My first concert was a Hilary Duff concert! I was so so young, but I remember her going off stage at one point during a guitar solo and returning barefoot with her hair tied up in a bun. Ever since, I love seeing artists break the norm on stage and just be themselves in their truest form.

What’s a song that you absolutely love that you wish you wrote?
There are a bunch of songs I know that I relate to so much that whenever I sing along to them I feel like they were meant for me, I don’t know if I could choose!!!

Do you have any current obsessions?
Right now I’m obsesssssed with popcorn!!! I get this particular kind that only has a bit of salt and sunflower oil, no butter, so it’s supposed to be sort of healthy. Not that it matters though…if I don’t watch myself I can down an entire bag in a night!

What’s something you’re still hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
I’d love to travel to a place I’ve never been, that’s on my list every year.

Special message for your fans?
I actually recorded a special message for them at the start of my music video for Great Divide, thanking the ones that have been there for me the past few years. I’m always so appreciative of that. So many people refused to be swayed by all the hate I got for a while, they stuck with me.  So I want to say again….thank you for being on this journey with me, it means so much.

Netflix or Hulu? Hulu!
Sleeping In or Getting an early start? I’ve always been an early riser.
Chocolate or Vanilla? No doubt, Chocolate.
Twitter or Instagram? Instagram!
Texting or Calling? Calling for sure, nothing beats hours of good phone conversation with people I love.

PHOTO: Catie Laffoon

Exclusive: VanJess Talks Musical Inspirations, Social Media & More

We talked to VanJess (aka our current obsession) about their inspirations, who they’d love to go on tour with and so, SO much more! Check out their Q&A below and don’t forget to follow the duo on Twitter where they post amazing clips like this one:


What’s a song you guys absolutely love that you wish you wrote?
Ivana: oh man I think both of us love Girl by the internet its such an incredible record.

What was your first concert? Any memorable/stand-out moments from it?
Jess: Celine Dion and then the following day Beyonce, I mean they are both incredible I remember crying at Beyonce’s when she started tearing up during one of her songs.

When it comes to having stage presence, which artist(s) are you inspired by?
Beyonce, by far

Which artist(s) would you consider the ultimate tour mate?
Jess: We feel like Kehlani would be so fun to tour with honestly, love her

What’s the best way for a fan to get your attention on social media?
Ivana: Honestly when fans leave paragraphs letting us know what it is they appreciate about what we do its awesome. And buying our music is another good way lol

Do you have any current obsessions? (Ex: books/movies/tv shows)
Ivana: we both just started Drag Race All Stars and we have been so into it justice for Tatiana!
Jess: Mr Robot in terms of dramas, we love TV in general

What’s something you’re still hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
Ivana: releasing a full length album, maybe by next year

What are some career goals you’re hoping to achieve in 2017?
Jess: releasing “Homegrown”, touring, making more money for our family

What advice would you give to girls who are just starting out with makeup?
Jess: less is more, stick to natural colors for eye shadow
Ivana: learn to do your brows first

How would you describe your personal style? Fave stores to shop at?
Ivana: we just wear whatever we are comfortable in, we aren’t really into heels

If you could raid any celeb’s closet, whose would it be?

Special message for your fans?
Jess: Thank you for being so patient with us, know we don’t update our socials as much as we could but we are trying! Just know we are working very hard behind the scenes

Netflix or Hulu?
Ivana: Hulu cuz of the anime
Jess: Netflix

Sleeping In or Getting an early start?
Ivana: early
Jess: sleeping in

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Ivana: chocolate
Jess: neither

Twitter or Instagram?
Ivana: Twitter
Jess: Instagram

Texting or Calling?
Ivana: Text
Jess: honestly calling

EXCLUSIVE: Ryland Lynch Talks Tour, Musical Inspirations & More!

We caught up with Ryland to chat about going on tour next month, which artist inspires him, and so much more! Check out our Q&A below and don’t forget to catch Ryland on tour with Olivia Holt! Tickets at :)

What can fans be expecting from these upcoming shows in Nov?
Lots of energy and a fun night. Great music and good vibes.

What’s your favorite part about being on the road?
I like meeting new people everyday. The road is one big adventure.

When it comes to having stage presence, which artist(s) are you inspired by?
Michael Jackson!

Being on tour means constant travel – do you ever get homesick? How do you deal with that?
Not really, because I’m usually with my family, but this time is a first, so I’ll let you know!

What’s on your tour rider?
Water… not much really, I’m easy.

Have you had a favorite city/venue to perform at?
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hudson Thames Talks Social Media, Bucket Lists, & MORE

We caught up with Hudson Thames (who we’re currently obsessed with) to get the inside scoop on what he’s been up to! The 22-year-old singer dished on his current favorite song, how fans can get his attention on social media, and SO much more! Check it out below and don’t forget, you can catch Hudson on tour (NOW) with The Summer Set! Dates here.

Currently, what’s the most-played song on your iTunes?
Suede by NxWorries (Anderson .Paak’s side project) or Taper Jean Girl by Kings of Leon

What’s the best way for a fan to get your attention on social media?
Slide into those DM’s yo

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten in your career? Who gave it to you?
I remember hearing a quote from Ray Charles. Someone asked him how he stays motivated without the structure of a normal job. He said “What are you talking about? I get to my studio every day at 9 and leave at 5. Think thats so important. To drive yourself and have a schedule.

Do you have any current obsessions? (Ex: books/movies/tvshows)
“The Night of” was Badass, and “Game of Thrones”!

What’s something you’re still hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
Tour was the big one so I’m stoked for that. Hoping I’ll be able to get some of my new music out before the years end. And a new tattoo

What are some career goals you’re hoping to achieve in 2017?
Full Album. For people to start to understand the live show, to make more music and dance with more people.

With Halloween just around the corner – are you a fan of horror movies? Fave ones to watch?
The original Halloween is great, The Shining, The Babadook, Silence of the Lambs

Special message for your fans?
Honestly, I’m just so extremely grateful. It’s become kind of a cliché but what we do as artists would not be possible without you guys

Netflix or Hulu? Netflix and Chill
Sleeping In or Getting an early start? Early start
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla!
Twitter or Instagram? Insta
Texting or Calling? Calling

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