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EXCLUSIVE: Isac Elliot Talks NEW EP, Social Media & SO MUCH MORE!

We caught up with up-and-coming singer, Isac Elliot, to get the inside scoop on what he’s been up to! He dished on his “A Little More” EP, songwriting, social media, and SO much more! Check out his Q&A below and check out Isac’s YouTube page – we’re pretty sure you’ll be obsessed with all his music! 😉

Tell us about your upcoming EP, ‘A Little More’ – how did it all come together for you?
Well it actually came together over the course of over a year. I’ve been working in LA, New York and Helsinki for quite a while on new material. At first we were thinking we’d put out just an album but we ended up with so much material that we decided to break it up a bit and release an EP first as a bit of a warm up for the full album. My fans have been waiting for so long for new music that it almost seemed like I should give them two releases instead of just one. So that’s what we’re doing. I got to work with so many amazing writers and producers so its been such a fun process for me, getting to learn from them, and also getting to write on a lot of the songs which makes them even more personal to me. I just can’t wait for everyone to hear what I’ve been up to. It’s been two years since I put out my last album and I know it is a long time for fans to wait. Super happy that my fans support me no matter what. I wanted to make the new music and album as good as possible for them. That’s really all that matters… that my fans like it.

Is there a song off the EP that has the most meaning to you?
“What About Me” is a song that I co-wrote and tells the story of something I sort of went through. Love can be really hard, the emotions are so big. They really swallow you up. I have been told that I am too young to sing about love or to know what love is or how it feels. But young people have feelings too and the feelings are as real and as powerful so I think I absolutely can sing about love. We feel about love, talk about love and experience it the way young people do. Who is to say that is the wrong way or not the real way? So yeah, that one definitely has a special meaning to me. But to be honest, they all mean something to me as I feel like I’m entering a new phase of my career. The music is definitely a little bit more mature that my previous releases but a lot of that has to do with the fact that I’m growing up. So I think this batch of music is a bit more true of where I am now. And the songs we are saving for the full album are definitely going to feel like a step up as well so really, all the songs I’m putting out this year mean a lot to me.

What’s the songwriting process usually like for you?
Writing for me is still sort of a new process but something I have really grown to fall in love with. When I first started out, I didn’t really know much English or how to write but now I feel so much more comfortable with my abilities and love that I get to say what I want to say in my songs. A lot of that has to do with the people around me in the studio. Usually, I go in with a producer and one or two other writers. We first talk about what kind of song we want to do, whether its a dance song, a ballad, or a mid-tempo. Then we start coming up with melody ideas and from there I’ll start laying something down that we can write lyrics to. I think melodies are my strong suite. I still have a lot of room to grow but I know writing is gonna be something I plan to be very involved in throughout my career.

Can fans be expecting a tour from you anytime soon?
Yes, we first wanted to get the writing and recording done so we can concentrate on touring later. Now that most of the material is getting finished up, I definitely plan to come back to the states soon and start doing shows. We’re sorting all of that out now so I should be able to announce some dates in the near future. In the mean time, I do have a number of shows coming up back at home in Scandinavia and in the Baltics.

If you could get in the studio with anyone, who would it be?
That’s a tough one since I’m a big fan of so many artists but if I had to pick one, I’d probably say Justin Timberlake. Obviously he is super talented. But he also seems like someone who I could really learn from in so many ways. I really look up to him for being such a great performer and at the same time, he stays away from any drama or trouble. Sometimes it seems like that guy can do no wrong. Plus, “Can’t Stop The Feeling” is definitely the song of the summer. I can’t get it out of my head.

What’s the most-played song on your iTunes at the moment?
“Panda” by Desiigner. I’m a huge hip hop fan and this one has been on heavy rotation for me lately.

What’s a song you wish you wrote?
OMG. There’s a million songs I wish I wrote. Picking one is super hard. Maybe “Never Forget You” by Zara Larsson and MNEK. The chorus to that song is so unforgettable. Its sticks in your head for days. And if you really listen to the lyrics, there’s a lot of emotion in what she is saying. Its powerful, its unique and its crazy catchy. Seems like a winning combination to me. And have you seen the video? So cool!

With a big following on social media, what’s the best way for fans to get your attention?
Come to my show. I love connecting with my fans online and I actually do spend quite a long time every day looking at the comments and messages that come in on my socials. Maybe too much sometimes. But there’s just nothing like seeing my fans faces in person singing lyrics back to me. I feel like once we make that connection, it’s something that sticks with us both forever.

Do you have any current obsessions? (ex: books/movies/tv shows)
I’ve always been a bit of a gamer. Battlefront, FIFA… games that I can play against my friends are always something that I can sometimes get obsessed over. When I am traveling or touring I can play against my friends back home and on the bus we always have a console. Another obsession is Family Guy. I think I have seen every episode of every season 3 or 4 times. Though you have seen them you always find something new to laugh at. It is a bit funny cause it also helps me relax and get my mind of things. Shows that I have seen before, where I don’t have to focus. Just sit there. That’s therapeutic to me :)

What’s something you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
The crazy thing is that this year is already half over! Where did the time go? But honestly, I’ve already done a number of things this year that I know I’m really fortunate to have done. I played my first show in the US plus it was televised on DirecTV, I got to play my first live TV show in the US on NBC’s The Today Show which was amazing, and I got to do a ton of traveling. I’m experiencing things that no other Finnish artist has had the opportunity to do. So 2016 has already been great. But I’d love to possibly get on a major tour with another artist before this year is over. I had the opportunity to open for One Direction in some stadiums last year so doing something similar and getting to play in a few new locations is definitely on my bucket list.

Any special message for your fans?
My fans mean the world to me. They allow me to do what I love for a living and make me believe that anything is possible in this world. So for that, I just want to say… THANK YOU!!!! I would be nowhere without you. And also, I hope you’ll check out my EP, A Little More when it comes out on July 8th. Its a small taste of what’s to come in the future. And lastly, don’t forget to find me on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I’m gonna be announcing some very special things in the next few weeks so be sure to stay tuned. So glad you guys are on this ride with me. :)

Hulu or Netflix? Netflix
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
Twitter or Instagram? Instagram
Horror Movies or Comedies? Comedies
Sleeping In or Getting An Early Start? Early start

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EXCLUSIVE: Chloe x Halle Talk YouTube, Touring & Beyonce

Max Papendieck for Parkwood Entertainment-
Photo: Max Papendieck for Parkwood Entertainment
We caught up with sister duo, Chloe and Halle, to get the inside scoop on all that they’ve been up to! The girls dished  on getting their start on YouTube, signing with Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records, working with Beyonce on #LEMONADE, hopes for a tour, and SO much more. Check out their Q&A below but, first, check out their “Drop” music video/buy “Sugar Symphony” on iTunes! :)

Having started from YouTube covers, how surreal is it to have come as far as you guys have?
It’s very surreal! When we put up YouTube covers, we weren’t going into it thinking they would blow up. We were just two black girls from Atlanta who love to sing great songs.

Can you tell us about your experience getting signed to Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records?
The experience is absolutely wonderful. We’re able to express ourselves the way we want to, on such a big platform! And most importantly, we have fun. Everybody we’re around is so talented, positive, and at the top of their game. We’re like a big happy family.

What does having creative freedom mean to you when it comes down to your music?
It means so much to us. When we write and produce our music, we like to live outside the box. Some people in the business have told us that listeners won’t understand, sonically, what we’re doing. But because we’re with Parkwood, and Beyonce knows what it’s like to be an artist, we’re able to do and create what we want. It’s a beautiful thing that sadly, not to many artists have.

What can you guys tell us about your time working on Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade?
It was so much fun! My sister and I were there for a day in NOLA. We got to play dress up in vintage clothes, jam out to Beyonce’s music while on set, and hang out with beautiful, black women. It was so inspiring. The energy was quite magical, you could just feel it in the air.

Let’s talk about your EP, “Sugar Symphony” – how did it all come together for you guys?
It came together quite easily! We have a studio in our house so we’re always creating.We have written 300 songs and “Sugar Symphony” is just 5 of them. The difficult part was choosing which ones to use. Our songs are like our babies. We just wanted to give our supporters a great first taste of what’s to come.

What’s the story behind the EP’s title?
We love how angelic and harmonious our melodies sound, that’s the sugar. We also love the hard, banging 808s and beats. So when those two elements come together, it creates a sugar symphony!

Is there a particular track that you’d consider your favorite and/or has the most meaning to you?
We love all of the songs! But the one that has the most meaning would have to be “Drop”. It was one of the first songs we completely did ourselves. From the production, to the writing, down to the guitar playing. This song gave us the confidence to trust our instincts. When we trust our creative minds, beautiful songs come out of it. That was the foundation we built from.

What is the song writing process usually like for you?
It’s a very freeing process! This is one of the ways we express ourselves, so it’s never forced. Sometimes we have a phrase or a melody we start with and it just blooms from there. It’s like magic, happening right before our eyes.

We love the “Drop” music video! How did you guys come up with the concept for it?
When we created the song, it always felt western to us. We love to mood board so we put images together that portrayed that certain mood. We have an incredible creative director, Kwasi Fordjour who helped bring our vision to life. And Andy Hines did a great job directing. It flowed together like water. What a great experience!

Are there any memorable/behind-the-scenes set moments that you can share with us?
Getting our hair tied together is definitely one of them! It took about 30 minutes and was very uncomfortable when it was time to walk. It took us nearly five minutes to walk five feet, haha. But it turned out beautiful. We’re so happy.

Can fans be expecting music videos for the other songs from the EP?
Yes! Our music is very visual and we can’t wait to share.

Are you guys hoping to go on a big tour anytime soon to promote the new music?
Absolutely! Sometime during late summer, early fall. We just started doing shows with our new music and they’ve all sold out! We have the best fans and can’t wait to give them a tour.

Who do you think would make the ultimate tour-mate?
The Queen Bey! That’s total goals. As well as Willow Smith! We just saw her live at the Roots Picnic and she was on fire. What great energy she has. That would definitely be a fun one :)

When it comes to stage presence, which artists do you look up to/get inspired by?
All of the greats! Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyonce, Tina Turner, etc. They have incredible energy on stage and know how to connect. That’s one of the things you can’t teach, connection.

What’s the most-played song on your iTunes at the moment?
CPU by Raury ft. RZA

What’s a song that you wish you wrote?
High and Dry by Radio Head

We love your fashion sense! How would you guys describe your personal style?
We love fun and comfortable pieces! Anything that makes us feel good. We may wanna be sneaker heads one week, and strut in heels like Noami Campbell, another.

What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?
We’ve recently started shopping at vintage shops and we love it! We also love Top Shop and Nike.

What’s something you guys are hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
Going to Austraila! We hear it’s so beautiful and can’t wait to visit.

With a big social media following, what’s the best way for a fan to get your attention on Twitter or Instagram?
Be themselves!! We see everybody online and we’re thankful for them all. We love our supporters. They’re the reason we are where we are now.

Do you guys have any current obsessions? (ex: books/movies/tv shows)
We love the TV show “How To Get Away With Murder!” Shonda Rimes is a genius. Our guilty pleasures are reality TV shows and Lifetime movies, haha. They’re so entertaining! We’re also OBSESSED with lip stains. We never leave the house without a poppin color.

Any special message for your fans?
Thank you all for supporting us on or journey for so long. Some of you have been with us since our first online cover and we’re so thankful. Be sure to get our EP “Sugar Symphony”. Can’t wait to meet you all in person!! Xoxo


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EXCLUSIVE: Genneya Walton Talks “Project Mc²”, Fashion & MORE!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.52.52 PM
Photo: Lesley Bryce
We caught up with our girl, Genneya Walton, to get the inside scoop on what she’s been up to! The “Project Mc²” actress told us all about her role, funny behind-the-scenes set moments, what she’s up to when the cameras aren’t rolling, and SO much more! Check out her Q&A below and don’t forget to watch “Project Mc²” on Netflix! You can stream it right here! :)

Tell us about your character in Netflix’s Project Mc²! How do you relate?
I play Bryden Bandweth, a spunky technology lover that is a part of a team of super smart girls always on call to save the world. I have a very similar personality to Bryden because I am a very energetic and bubbly person.

What is it about the show that drew you to the role?
The overall message of the show made me want to be a part of the show. Project Mc2 is all about girl empowerment and showing that it awesome to be the smart girl you are. Girl empowerment is something very important in this time of large media influence on girls that usually tells them they should look or be one way in order to be beautiful . By telling girls that they can be anything they want and that their brains are more valuable than their looks we are combatting the cookie cutter image of what “beautiful” is in media. #smartisthenewcool

Are there any memorable/funny behind-the-scenes set moments you can share with us?
One of the lines mentioned alien burps and the person that said the line accidentally said alien farts while we were filming. We could not keep our laughs in and eventually we all bursted out laughing. We may be teenagers, but we are still kids at heart lol.

What can fans be expecting from the upcoming second season?
New characters, crazy new technology, and awesome story lines. I am super excited for you all to see what we have in store. I promise it will be well worth the wait!

Who would you love to see guest-star on the show? What kind of role would they have?
I would love to have Rowan Blanchard guest star on the show. She is a large teen figure for women empowerment and everything Project Mc2 supports. She would be a great addition on the show as a character specializing in something in S.T.E.A.M like the girls and I do while helping us solve our next cases!

What’s something you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
I am hoping swim near a natural waterfall this year!

How can fans get your attention on social media?
Simply sending me a message, commenting, or liking a few pictures. I notice all of you believe it or not! I love scrolling through the comments because you all are so sweet. Thanks for being a supporter and know that I love talking to you!

What are some hobbies you enjoy doing in your free time?
I love playing with makeup and practicing on my sister. I occasionally do some arts and crafts as well, but hiking is my absolute favorite hobby especially when I am with my friends!

What’s your favorite song at the moment?
My favorite song of the moment is “Freedom” by Beyoncé.

How would you describe your personal style? Favorite stores to shop at?
My style is very simple and consists of various styles of ripped jeans, plain tees, and boots. I adore shopping at Guess, LF, Topshop, BCBG, and bebe.

What are some of your absolute beauty essentials?
Camille Rose Curl Maker works wonders for my hair!For the face the Nars radiant tinted moisturizer and the Nars radiant concealer to go along with it. Eyebrows go to Anastasia Beverly Hills all the way! Both the pencil and the dip brow pomade are wonderful. I am not much of an eye makeup person, but Colourpop eyeshadows are magic in a pot and my fave is called Shark Attack. Loreal telescopic is my favorite mascara to top off my makeup look. To remove that at the end of the day the Neutrogena makeup wipes are amazing. Cetaphil face wash is a life saver for oily acne prone skin! For sure some of my absolute beauty essentials!

What advice would you give to girls that have just started to wear makeup?
Less is more! Makeup takes some practice so start out slow with a few products and in particular ones that enhance your favorite parts of your face. It could be a lengthening mascara to frame your sparkling eyes or a gloss to give your lips a pop! Makeup is fun and there are endless possibilities! Try out some color or different techniques as you get more comfortable. Youtube is your best friend when learning how to do makeup so grab your laptop and find a favorite Youtuber!

Do you have any current obsessions? (ex: books/movies/tv shows)
Gossip girl is my current Netflix obsession and I adore the book “A Wrinkle In Time” by Madeleine L’Engle.

Any special message for fans?
Thank you for supporting me it truly means the world to me. I am excited for you’ll to see the material that will be releasing this year and I hope to meet you all soon! ILY!

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
Texting or Calling? Calling
Twitter or Instagram? Twitter
Sleeping In or Getting an early start? Sleeping In
Horror movies or Comedies? Horror movies

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Nova Miller’s “So Good” Music Video!

nova miller banner
We lovelovelove introducing you guys to our latest music obsessions and today, it’s all about Nova Miller! The 14-year-old Stockholm singer is about to top all of your summer playlists with her new single,”So Good,” and we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the music video! Check it out below and then scroll down to get to know your new fave in our Q&A with her! You can find out which mega superstar Nova’s set to work with in the near future! (Hint: he’s got 10 Grammys!). 😉

We love “So Good”! What’s the story behind the song?
Thank u! I’m so happy to hear that. The song was inspired by the legend James Brown ‘I got you’ and really is about feeling lit and on top of the world from the moment you wake up. It’s a ‘having the best day ever’ kind of song even if things aren’t quite going right.

Tell us about the music video! What was your experience like filming it?
I live in Stockholm, Sweden and we have this really fun theme park there called ‘Gröna Lund’ so they let us film when it was closed. How cool is that, to have a theme park to yourself, right? My best friends were there and we ran a competition to have some fans appear in the video. Eight of them won and they were just the best, that’s why I make music for all of my beautiful supporters and fans everywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.20.48 PM
Are there any memorable/behind-the-scenes set moments you can share?
Oh my gosh so many, prob trying to look cute and sing along while on a huge rollercoaster haha. Ended up just screaming and pretty much looking crazy. We do have a ‘behind the scenes’ episode coming soon so please subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch this. I post music diaries, collabs and get to know me clips like me being vegan, bullying experiences and behind the music so head on over folks!

What’s the songwriting process usually like for you?
This is really a special time for me and can really vary. I play guitar and piano so mostly I’ll start with some chords and a concept and build from there in my bedroom. I love to collaborate however and my manager is also a songwriter so I really enjoy writing with her and some of the great producers we have worked with.

Tell us about working with John Legend – how did you feel when he reached out?
He heard me singing online and so I got to meet him back stage at one of his shows. He was just the nicest person and of course an incredible talent so I had to pinch myself a little bit. We said that we would find some time to write together, of course they have just had a baby and super busy so we will find some time to make that happen soon, I’m really excited no doubt.

You were hand picked to audition for HSM 4 – how exciting is that?!
Another pinch myself moment! when my manager Lolene told me they wanted me to audition I was like that’s my favourite movie ever I have to go all out for this. Let’s just say it would be a dream come true and I am thrilled to even be considered and in the running.

What’s the most-played song on your iTunes at the moment?
I’m all up in spotify right now but I would say Ariana’s new album ‘Dangerous Woman’

What’s a song you wish you wrote?
Tough question tho, maybe ‘Halo’ by Slayonce or classic ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ -‘Blue birds flyyyyy’ I’m singing right now

How would you describe your personal style? What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?
I’m a boots, pants and jacket kind of girl mostly. I would say my style is ‘tough pretty’ I like G star Raw, and River Island. I love VS and Steve Madden also.

What are some of your favorite summer activities?
Being with my family as we are all musical so we hang out and jam together, that’s the best.
Having no school is basically my favourite summer activity! haha I just like being outside as much as possible and pretty much working out and being with my friends. I usually can’t put my guitar down though.

What’s the best way for a fan to get your attention on social media?
Sharing my new single/Video ‘So Good’ and being a nice person! We’re all about being nice to each other over here. I always love people who make dancing or singing covers to my music, those def get my attention! My Snapchat is Novamiller2112 and @novamillerofficial for insta @novamillermusic for twitter if you follow me after reading this, let me know you are from in a comment and I will follow you back!

What’s something you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
Getting the lead in Disney’s new HSM4! lol that is just life goals. I also got to support Jack and Jack when they were in Europe. The Jacks are the best so I would love to play some more gigs with them this year. You can check out these performances on my youtube channel also

Do you have any current obsessions? (ex: books/movies/tvshows)
I am pretty mush obsessed with vegan sushi and I’m a tea addict for real… ‘Vampire Diaries’ and Ariana’s new album on repeat are all things that i’m into right now.

Any special message for your fans?
Some people ask me why I always wear a ‘crown’ on my head. You know, it’s a reminder to keep my head up and stay focused. A lot of people will tell you that you are not good enough, we say this to ourselves sometimes (I know I do) I’ve also experienced bullying and I’m not ashamed to say it hurts, so my crown keeps my head high. To anyone reading this that can relate, head high please and know that anything is possible. Thank you coming on this musical journey with me and for every single like, comment, share, play or whatever it means so much and because of you I get to do this. Hope you enjoy ‘So Good’ now don’t forget to turn it up! Novs x

The Girl & The Dreamcatcher Release “Make You Stay” Music Vid!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 4.11.36 PM
Happy #NewMusicFriday! Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, aka The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, just released the music video for their latest single, “Make You Stay,” and we’re OBSESSED. Seriously, it might just be our all-time fave from TGATDC’s releases. The track will be featured on the duo’s EP, “Negatives,” set to be released next month! WE CAN’T WAIT. Check out the video right here:

Get the single on iTunes now! Do’t forget to follow @TGATDC on Twitter to keep up with all their latest!

EXCLUSIVE: Jace Norman Talks “Danger & Thunder” Crossover Event!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.26.00 PM
We caught up with Henry Danger star, Jace Norman, to get the inside scoop on the upcoming (epic) crossover episode with The Thundermans! In the episode, Captain Man (Cooper Barnes), Kid Danger (Jace Norman) & Phoebe Thunderman (Kira Kosarin) infiltrate a secret villain meeting in Swellview where the villains plan to destroy Captain Man and Kid Danger. At the meeting, Phoebe discovers an unexpected attendee – her brother Max (Jack Griffo)! Crazy stuff, right?! Jace told us all about what fans can expect,  what it’s like working with Kira and Jack, and so much more! Check out his Q&A below and don’t forget to tune into the “Danger & Thunder” event this Saturday at 8 PM on Nickelodeon!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.26.20 PM
What can fans be expecting from the crossover event?
SO MUCH – I think it’s our biggest episode yet! The relationship between mine and Kira’s character is funny because Henry has a little crush on her and so it’ll definitely be fun to watch.

What are some memorable moments from set?
Jack and I would always be jumping around and getting in trouble. That’s what I remember the most, hahah!

Having worked with Kira and Jack a few years ago on The Thundermans, was it surreal to have them now guest-star on YOUR show?
It was so surreal! They kept calling me Flunky which was my character’s name in “The Thundermans” – like, they refused to call me Jace haha! But it was cool!

Do you think the Danger x Thunder worlds will collide again in the future?
I don’t know! I know that everyone had a really fun and amazing time. The characters definitely meshed well together so I think it’d be cool for our worlds to collide again. We’ll have to wait and see!

Which Marvel superhero universe would you want to be apart of Henry Danger’s world?
I think I’d go with Ironman just because it’s my absolute favorite!

Nickelodeon’s done tons of crossover episodes in the past – do you have a favorite?
Yes! I think my favorite one was the Victorious x iCarly crossover! I remember watching that one because it was during my childhood and I loved it.

How would you describe Kira and Jack in one word?
Kira – Kind
Jack – Entertaining

What’s the best way for fans to get your attention on social media?
Instgram – I check that the most! Every once in a while I make my Snapchat account public so I open snaps from all the fans! That’s always fun.

What’s on your bucket list for this year?
I really want to go to Africa! Let’s see if that happens!

What’s your current obsession?
Drake’s new album is definitely my current obsession.

If YOU could guest-star on any show, which would it be?
The Big Bang Theory. For sure.

Want more? We got you covered! Here’s a sneak peek at Saturday’s big episode:

Must-Watch: Jessi Malay’s “Do It” Music Video!

First thing’s first – we’re suuuuper *heart eyes emjoi* for Jessi Malay. If the fashion + beauty blogger ( isn’t on your radar, she should be. Jessi also happens to be a super talented singer (is there anything she can’t do?!) and the music video for her new single, “Do It,” has got us all sorts of obsessed. Check it out:

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