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Andrea Russett Stars In First Made For Mobile Scripted Film, “Sickhouse”

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.09.33 AM
If you guys have been tuned in to Andrea’s Snapchat account (andwizzle) over the past few days, you probably noticed something a little bit really crazy/strange/all sorts of epic. That’s because you were watching a LIVE scripted horror film, aka Sickhouse. Experienced by millions via a series of Snapchats, the horror thriller Sickhouse is now available for pre-order, exclusively on Vimeo, where it will debut as a feature length film on Wednesday, June 1! That means, if you missed any parts of Andrea’s Snapchat story, you can watch ALL of that + footage that wasn’t even included in those clips as soon as the feature version is released next month! We were tuned into the whole thing and we gotta be real, WE. WERE. SCARED. It was probably the coolest thing we’ve seen on Snapchat and we’re already excited to re-watch it once it’s out! You can watch the thrilling trailer right now on Vimeo, in case you’re wondering how it all went down!

P.S. If you’re still a little bit confused (we get it, this is something totally new), Andrea explained everything you need to know in her latest YouTube video! Watch here:

Lauren Carnahan Answers Twitter Q&A + EXCLUSIVE “Unbreakable” VIDEO PREMIERE!

We hung out with up-and-coming singer, Lauren Carnahan, so she could answer all of your toughest questions! The singer-songwriter revealed the type of music she loves to sing, favorite foods, and MORE! Watch the video below and get to know why Lauren should be on your radar:

We’ve also got the EXCLUSIVE premiere of Lauren’s new music video, “Unbreakable”! It’s all sorts of amazing so be sure to check it out right here:

Don’t forget to follow Lauren on Twitter and like her Facebook page to stay up-to-date on everything! While you’re at it, go subscribe to Lauren’s YouTube channel and listen to all her music! :)

EXCLUSIVE: Lost & Found Music Studios’ Alyssa Baker Dishes On The Show!

Photo: Netflix
We love telling you guys all about our latest obsessions and, right now, we can’t get enough of “Lost & Found Music Studios” – which is available now on Netflix! The show follows a group of talented musicians who struggle to find their authentic sound and place in the world as they hone their craft at a prestigious music studio. Each episode contains original – and authentic – music and performances, fun, relatable storylines and endless dreams. Basically, it’s a must-watch. We caught up with Alyssa Baker, who plays Maggie on the show, to get the inside scoop on the role, behind-the-scenes set moments, and SO MUCH MORE! :)

Before checking out her Q&A, be sure to watch one of Alyssa’s killer performances from the show:

Tell us about your character! How do you relate?
Maggie is a laid back, free spirit. She is confident in who she is as a person and a musician. She has a kind soul, but she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. What’s interesting is, when she comes to Lost & Found, she finds herself in competition with Leia for everything, and I think this challenges her. I definitely relate to Maggie’s “go with the flow” attitude and her drive. We have very similar ‘vibes’. However, I think she’s more outspoken than I am. I actually love doing the Maggie-sass scenes because it’s so unlike me, which makes it really fun! Oh, and I also look a bit like her 😉

What is it that really drew you to this role?
Maggie is so strong and confident, and I love that about her. I feel like I learned a lot about myself from playing her. She taught me to speak-up and to be confident in myself. I also loved the fact that I got to sing and act in this role. I got to do both of the things I love, which was super cool.

What was your reaction when you found out that you got the part?
I was in utter shock. It was actually kind of funny because I flew to Toronto for the callback, and decided that, since I would only be in town for a couple days, I should try to do an open mic before going home to Vancouver. It was literally the day after my callback, my mom, my agent TJ, some of his family, and I were all sitting in a restaurant in Kensington Market, waiting for my turn to perform, and TJ blurts out “I got a phone call on the way over and you got the part.” I honestly didn’t know how to react. It was surreal. My mom and I just looked at each other in silence for a second and then starting hard-core freaking out.

Are there any memorable behind-the-scenes moments you can share with us?
One of the most memorable moments was the day I met the cast. Many of them already knew each other from filming the pilot episode almost a year prior, but Ella and I were the newbies. I was kind of nervous to meet everyone, but they were so welcoming. We all immediately started joking around with each other, and really clicked. It was a great start to an amazing summer.

How does the cast like to bond, off set?
We do tons of stuff together! We often go out for food and spend time at the beach. We also like to co-write and sing songs together. I love vintage shopping, so I’ve taken some of the cast to my favorite spots around Toronto. Honestly, no matter what, it’s a good time. I love these people.

For fans that haven’t seen the show yet, what can they expect from these episodes?
They can expect a lot of music in various genres, and DRAMA! So much drama! New viewers can also expect an amazingly talented group of people. I joined the group after a lot of the cast had already filmed the pilot episode. When I saw the pilot, I was so inspired by the group’s talent and I thought to myself “I’m going to have to step it up”. I think audiences will be blown away.

Outside of the show, do you work on your own stuff? How would you describe your personal sound?
Yes! I released my first EP two years ago. It’s very creatively named “Alyssa Baker”, and is available on iTunes. However, I will have new music soon, so keep an eye open. I’ve gone on a bit of a sound journey over the past year. I’ve been exploring and playing with sound, and moving toward a new genre that I’m really excited about. I think I’d call it “quirky, dream pop with hints of electronica”.

Which artists would you consider your musical influences?
Over the last little while, I’ve been feeling inspired by Oh Wonder, the Killers, BOY, Feist, and a lot of music from the 80’s and 90’s.

The show features a lot of performances – were you nervous at all having to film those?
I was a bit nervous. We had a lot of songs to learn, in a limited amount of time, and I was worried that I would mess up a lyric or the timing. However, we did so many songs that, after a while, I fell into a groove. It became almost second nature. The performances became one of my favorite things to shoot. It was a fun chance to play around and show-off our personalities.

What kind of storyline are you hoping for your character in future episodes?
I hope that Maggie and Leia work out their issues, and that Maggie doesn’t feel like she’s always second place. Maybe they can even be friends? Also, I hope Maggie figures out her relationship drama. Whether Luke ends up with her, or Leia, or no one, I hope she’s happy.

How can fans get your attention on social media?
Fans can keep commenting, sending messages, and making their amazing edits. I try to spend some time each day going through my messages and the things that I’m tagged in. I can’t get to everyone, but I try my best. If I don’t get the chance to reply, please know that I see what you post, and it always brings a big smile to my face. @AlyssaBaker

What’s something you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
That is an awesome question. I’d like to travel somewhere I’ve never been. I’d love to go on an adventure.

What’s the most-played song in your iTunes at the moment?
Without You by Oh Wonder, or Steal My Sunshine by Len.

Do you have any current obsessions? (Ex: Books/movies/tv shows)
Embarrassingly enough, I am on my third time through the entire series of The Office on Netflix. Yes. My third time. It may qualify as an addiction at this point. I’m not sure. However, that show is excellent.

Any special message for the fans/viewers?
I LOVE YOU GUYS. You are the reason that we get to spend our lives singing and acting, and doing what we love.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
I love eating chocolate on its own, but when it comes to cake or ice cream, I am vanilla all the way.

Twitter or Instagram?
Instagram. People are so witty on Twitter. I can’t keep up!

Texting or Calling?
I have to say texting because sometimes phone calls stress me out. I’m a bit of a basket case on the phone. I always feel nervous and awkward. I have to practice in advance.

Sleeping In or Waking Early?
I love the idea of getting up early, but inevitably, I tend to sleep in.

Horror Movies or Comedies?
Comedies! I love thrillers, but horror movies with ghosts and gore? Man, that stuff is scary.

Don’t forget to follow Alyssa and “Lost & Found” on Twitter and Facebook! :)

EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Vanessa & Veronica Merrell Spill On Music, Fashion & MORE!

Merrell Twins
We caught up with YouNowers Vanessa and Veronica to get the inside scoop on everything they’ve been up to! The girls told us all about their Shorty Award win, working with Gina Rodriguez on The CW’s “Jane The Virgin,” all things music and fashion, and so much MORE! Check out their Q&A below and don’t forget to follow @MerrellTwins on Twitter to stay connected!

Congrats on the Shorty Award win for “YouNower of the Year”! What was your reaction like when you found out about the nomination?
Thank you so much!! We were honestly so shocked because this was the first award we’ve ever been nominated for. It was one of the moments where it was hard to process the idea that we got nominated for a Shorty award and the words “What? This is crazy!” were said throughout the day! But we are so thrilled and so thankful for this amazing honor!

Who are some of YOUR favorite social media stars?
We LOVE Ryan Higa! He is our favorite YouTuber and he inspires us in many ways. We also look up to Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballinger), D-Trix, Chester See.

We loved you girls on Jane the Virgin! What was that experience like for you?
Being on Jane The Virgin is an incredible experience and we are so thankful to have this small recurring role and being a part of this amazing cast! Gina Rodriguez is so kind and down earth. Working with her is amazing and so much fun. Jane The Virgin is our first role on a T.V. show and we feel so blessed to be a part of it all.

Can fans expect Jane’s half sisters to show up again anytime soon?
Of course! We recently filmed an episode and it aired on Monday, April 11th! It’s a hilarious episode so you don’t want to miss it. We’re also pinned to film another episode towards the end of the season so we’re very excited about that! We’re thankful to have the opportunity to be on the show!

What other shows would you guys love to guest-star on?
We think it would be so cool to guest-star on Teen Wolf, Arrow, or Modern Family, and maybe one day Saturday Night Live! That would be a dream come true!

We know you two are very musical – what inspires your songwriting?
We do a lot of original comedy songs and those songs are typically based off a certain situation that we’ve experienced or think is funny. For example, we didn’t know what to film for this past Valentine’s Day and we had like five days to come up with something. We came up with the idea to write a song based on our love lives and that’s how our Valentine’s Day song came to be. It’s our quickest original song to hit a million views and we were so surprised!

Which artists do you consider to be your musical influences?
We love music and we listen to all kinds of songs in several genres to get inspiration. Like for me, Veronica, Jack Johnson (not the social media star) is such a great guitarist and since I play guitar, I love to learn his songs! We also love listening to Demi Lovato, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and so many more popular artists! For comedy songs, we get inspired by our favorite Youtuber, Ryan Higa, and The Lonely Island!

Can fans expect any musical releases/performances in the near future?
Yes! We are always trying to get creative and come up with new content so definitely expect more original songs in the future!

How would you describe your personal style? Favorite stores to shop at?
For me, Vanessa, I like to dress comfy but cute and kind of girly! I love the color pink so any pink pastel shirts are a must have! Another must have is anything with a cat on it! I know, I’m weird but I love cats! For me, Veronica, I tend to wear a lot of black! Black goes with everything! I would say that my look is a cross between edgy and girly! We like to mix up our looks and play with our wardrobe pieces to make different looks. We might wear a summery sun dress one day and another day wear jeans and combat boots. Our favorite shopping stores are Macy’s, Forever 21, H&M, Top Shop, Styles For Less, Tilly’s, Fashion Nova, Love Culture, and stores like that. We love a good sale!

What are three must-have items every girl should have in their closets?
Skinny jeans, black ankle boots, and a cute jacket or flannel to go over your outfit or top off the outfit by tying it around the waste.

What advice would you give to girls who are just starting to wear makeup?
We think one of the biggest mistakes girls make when they first start wearing makeup is putting too much on. We think a great way to start wearing makeup is to start out by wearing only foundation and some mascara. Then you can learn new things from beauty gurus on Youtube and start experimenting and gradually get more creative with your makeup looks. The key thing is to always try to look as natural as possible. You don’t want to do anything to drastic that will take attention from your own natural beauty.

What’s something you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
We are so excited about this but we’re about to hit 1 Million subscribers on our YouTube channel. That’s been a goal since we started making YouTube videos and can’t believe we’re so close to reaching that. Another thing on our bucket list is to go on tour and have the opportunity to meet our viewers! Just traveling in general and seeing other cities and countries would be incredible!

With a big following on social media, what’s the best way for fans to get your attention on there?
The best way to get our attention is to Tweet us, comment on our channel or tag us on a post on Instragram. We try to look at every tweet, comment and post on Instagram. We also do YouNow broadcasts every Tuesday and it’s a perfect way to interact with viewers when they post comments during the broadcast.

What’s the most-played song on your iTunes at the moment?
Ahhh that’s a hard one! We love all the songs that are popular right now! For me, Vanessa, Dangerous Women by Ariana!!! For me, Veronica, it’s Pillow Talk by Zayn.

Do you have any current obsessions? (ex: books/movies/tv shows)
Vanessa: I’m in love with the show Arrow! Steven Amell is so amazing and incredibly good looking! *heart eyes emoji* I also love Star Wars and Harry potter! Recently, I’ve really been getting into super heroes. Deadpool was so funny and I thought Batman vs Superman was great! I cant’t forget Krispy Kreme donuts *even bigger heart eye emojis*!

Veronica: Surprise! I like Star Wars and Harry Potter too!! I’m dying to visit the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios! I like Teen Wolf and shows like Brooklyn 99. I’m also really into Anime shows like Fairy Tail! We sound so nerdy!

When you’re not working/creating content, what are you two usually up to?
Sleeping. Just kidding! We wish! We are usually catching up on school work because we are freshmen in college. When our schedule allows, we like to hang out with friends or we watch movies on Netflix. We like to go to the mall and go out to eat with our family.

Any special message for your fans?
We are so thankful and extremely grateful for the support and love we get from our fans! They’re called “Twinners” and we love to say that “Twinners are Winners”! We see a lot of positivity among our fan base and we love that! Especially in a time when there’s so much negativity in our world, it’s important to be loving and kind to one another. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our fans and that’s the truth. They have made a lot of things possible for us and we are humbled and grateful for them.

Cover Of The Day: Lennon & Maisy’s Must-Watch Cover Of “Lean On”

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 3.20.06 PM
We’re obsessed with all things Lennon & Maisy and this cover is no exception. The duo’s “Lean On” cover, has been on repeat ALL day and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. In fact, we’ve already bought the studio version on iTunes & we suggest you do the same – get it here! :) Watch the cover and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

WATCH: Haley Reinhart Debuts “Better” Music Video!

Our current obsession? Haley’s new music video! Seriously, we’ve been hitting the replay button ALL day! “Better” is such a powerful breakup anthem and Haley sings it with such girl power! You can watch the video, which looks like it was super fun to make below! “I wanted it to be simple, sexy, playful and real,” Haley told our friends at Billboard. “Forget the bells and whistles! I feel the vibe, the music and the personality should shine through & speak for itself.”

Don’t forget that Haley’s going on tour this summer! Here are the dates:


EXCLUSIVE: Alessia Cara Dishes On Coachella, New Music & More!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.31.19 PM
We caught up with our girl, Alessia, to get the inside scoop on what she’s been up to lately! The “Wild Things” singer told us all about her magical time being a performer at Coachella, when fans can expect new music from her, and so much MORE! Check out her Q&A below and stay tuned for more!

Your Coachella performances were AMAZING! Tell us about your experience there!
Oh my goodness. I had such a good time. It was so cool because I had never really done anything like that before. I’ve done festivals before but those were always an in-and-out type of thing where I’d just be there for my performance but, for Coachella, I actually got to hang out! I was there for three days with my best friend and we got to walk around and actually watch all of the other acts which was really, really nice. Some of those acts are some of my favorite artists – Sia is so incredible! Overall, it was jus really cool and a great experience; I always wanted to perform there so I had the best time.

Even with so many live performances under your belt, was it nerve wrecking to make your Coachella debut?
Of course! I think it’s a natural thing for artists to get nervous – I definitely had an adrenaline rush but, at the same time, I was terrified because it was many people! I had a really good time though; it was so fun being up there.

Did you get a chance to bump into any of your fave celebs there?
Honestly, I didn’t really bump into anyone! I saw a few people in passing but I didn’t really get to speak to anyone.

You actually tweeted about wanting to perform at Coachella, back in 2013! How crazy is that?! What else would you like to tweet into existence?
OMG, I know! Lots of things! A Grammy would be awesome haha but I think I’ve for sure already tweeted about that. Something else I’d like to tweet into existence is being to host SNL – that would be so cool.

Have you been working on your second album, lately?
Not really, actually. I’ve been touring for the last couple of months and I’m probably going to be touring all year! So, this year, I’m going to be focused mainly on performing and perfecting the shows. Hopefully, in early 2017, I’ll get back in the studio to make some new stuff!

Even when you’re not officially working on an album, do you still find yourself writing new songs?
Definitely. I haven’t really had time lately but I have a bunch of ideas and a bunch of melodies in my phone that are just waiting to be flushed out.

What’s your favorite thing about being out on the road?
It’s been really cool! It’s an adjustment, for sure, because I’m just so used to being at home. The fact that I’m in a different place everyday is just kind of strange to me. But, I love performing so much and meeting all my fans in person so it’s cool!

Do you find yourself missing home a lot?
I definitely get homesick. I’m a homebody so I miss always having my family around me but I do think that I’m starting to get used to this lifestyle!

Since you’re always traveling, do you have any must-have items?
I always carry headphones around! Sometimes there’ll be a long car ride so I wanna be able to listen to my music and zone out for a little bit. It’s definitely a travel essential for me.

When it comes to having stage presence, which artists do you look up to?
Rihanna! I recently saw her live in Toronto and I was just blown away. Seeing her live made me love her 10x more than I already did – she’s such a star and I was just really in awe of her the entire concert. She’s definitely somebody I look up to for star power.

With such a huge following, how can fans get your attention on social media?
I’m really active on all my social media! If they wanna talk to me, I think the best bet would probably be Twitter because it’s easier access and I’m on there a lot! (find her at @alessiacara!)

You’ve already done such incredible things this year but do you have anything else you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
Absolutely. I’m going on a stadium tour with Coldplay and that’s definitely a bucket list moment for me. Doing that is already a massive step for me this year – so let’s just see what happens after that!

Do you have any favorite songs/artists at the moment?
All of Troye Sivan’s album, to be honest. He’s one of my favorites, always.

With the one-year anniversary of “Here,” how would you describe your musical journey?
Everything about this is insane. I didn’t expect anything to happen this quickly so it’s been very beautifully overwhelming.

To keep up with Alessia, make sure you’re following her on Twitter and Instagram! :)